A Mayan League of Their Own
pati's mexican table

Fri, Mar 1 10:00 A.M. NH Explore (11.2)  

In Yaxunah, Pati discovers Yucatan's "league of their own." She joins the Amazonas, a softball team of indigenous women, for their morning practice. As they built a name for themselves, they overcame the mindset that women belong in the kitchen. After teaching Pati the ins and outs of the game, Dona Enedina invites her over for Brazo de Reina, a tamal with hardboiled eggs and ground pepitas. Recipes in Pati's Kitchen: Sweet Potato and Meat Salpicon; Pepita, Egg, and Chaya Tamales; Roasted Tomato and Habanero Salsa

Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 46 seconds

Episode Number: 1210

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Fri, Mar 1 10:00 A.M. A Mayan League of Their Own     NH Explore (11.2)

About Pati's Mexican Table:

PATI'S MEXICAN TABLE brings authentic Mexican flavors, colors, textures and warmth into American kitchens.

A former policy analyst focused on Latin American politics and history, Pati Jinich is a chef, cooking teacher, food writer and mother of three whose true passion lies in sharing the tastes of her childhood and culinary adventures in her native country.

In each episode, Pati embarks upon an exciting and entertaining journey, where each dish serves as a point of departure into Mexico's rich history and culture, Pati's personal experiences, and her ongoing conversations with cooks in both Mexico and the United States.

Each half-hour highlights a singular Mexican food - from familiar ingredients like vanilla, avocado and chorizo to the mysterious grains used by the Aztecs and the adventurous and trendy cuisine found across Mexico today.

From traditional takes on tomatillos to modern spins on huevos rancheros, Pati inspires viewers to make great Mexican dishes in their own homes.

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