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Our broadcast signal reaches 98% of New Hampshire. If you're having trouble receiving any of New Hampshire PBS's channels, please email  or call us (603) 868-1100. Our primary channel (NHPBS) is available online and on the PBS Video App. Our PBS KIDS channel is also available online and through the PBS KIDS app. We also stream our primary channel (NHPBS) and NHPBS Kids channel on YouTube TV.

Full Channel Listing as of January 2020

Over the Air

  NHPBS Explore World Create PBS Kids
WENH-TV Ch. 11 Durham 11.1 11.2 11.3 11.4 11.5
WLED-TV Ch. 23 Littleton 11.1 11.2 11.3 11.4 11.5
WEKW-TV Ch. 18 Keene 11.1 11.2 11.3 11.4 11.5
W36FE-D Ch. 36 Hanover 11.1 11.2 11.3 11.4 11.5
W34DQ-D Ch. 34 Pittsburg 11.1 11.2 11.3 11.4 11.5

Live Streaming Providers

Online from a Web Browser

Watch Now Watch Now

Connected Devices

PBS Video App PBS Kids Video

YouTube TV

Available Available

On Cable (By Provider)

Argent Communications


Charter Communications

NHPBS Explore
11 14


Depending on where you are located, your Comcast channels may be different then what is listed here. Please click here for more information.

NHPBS Explore World Create PBS KIDS
2 / 802 11 / 801 956 959 958


NHPBS Explore World
11 / 132 144 20

First Carolina Cable

11 / 711


NHPBS Explore World Create
11 / 711 287 288 299

Southern Vermont Cable



NHPBS Explore
11 / 1011 22

Time Warner / Spectrum

NHPBS Explore World Create
2 / 1221 1275 1276 1277

On Satelite (By Provider)

Direct TV


Dish Network

NHPBS (Burlington/Plattsburgh DMA) NHPBS (Boston DMA)
48 11

On Fiber

Verizon FIOS

11 / 511
Contact your service provider if you are having difficulty locating any of our channels.

Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the difference between NHPBS, EXPLORE, WORLD, CREATE, and KIDS channels?


  • NHPBS - The Best of PBS and Local Programs Features all the well-known PBS series along with New Hampshire-focused programs and local productions. See what’s on NHPBS now.
  • Explore - A World of Ideas Features alternate broadcast times for many key NHPBS programs. Viewers can find independent programs with a local focus. See what's on EXPLORE now.
  • WORLD – A 24/7 non-fiction and documentary channel featuring thought-provoking stories on today's headlines, scientific advances, historic revelations, and natural wonders. See what's on WORLD now.
  • CREATE – Round-the-clock lifestyle programming to help you make the most of life, with practical tips on everything from home improvement and decorating to travel and cooking. » See what's on CREATE now.
  • NHPBS KIDS – 24/7 kids programming committed to making a positive impact on the lives of children through curriculum-based entertainment. See what's on PBS KIDS now.


Can I stream NHPBS live online or on my smart TV?


YES! We stream our primary channel on our website, and also on the PBS Video App (available on most devices) and our kids channel is online and on the PBS Kids Video App.

Also, we stream our primary channel (NHPBS) and our NHPBS Kids Channel on YouTube TV


What NHPBS channels can I get with an antennae?


NHPBS offers four sub-channels over-the-air:

  • 11.1 - NHPBS in high definition (HD) (available over the air, via cable & via satellite TV services)
  • 11.2 - NH EXPLORE (available over the air and via cable TV services)
  • 11.3 - WORLD (available over the air and via cable TV services)
  • 11.4 - CREATE (available over the air and via cable TV services)
  • 11.5 - NHPBS KIDS (available over the air and via cable TV services)


How do I "Rescan" my television?


Sometimes, due to changes in our broadcast signal, it may be necessary to rescan your television for new and updated channels. It is different for every television, but the FCC has some helpful information available here: You can also call the FCC consumer helpline at 888-225-5322 (888-CALLFCC), or reference the documentation for your television.

If you are a cable or satellite subscriber this does not affect you.


What are "channel numbers displayed" or "virtual channels"?


Virtual channels are channels that are mapped electronically inside your digital TV or converter box by the broadcaster to display a certain channel number. Depending on where you are in the state, virtual channels allow you to tune in to NHPBS on channel 11, even though in the background your TV may actually be receiving our broadcast on channels 48, 49, or 50.


What are "sub-channels"?


Sub channels are channels inside the main channel that a broadcaster transmits. An example for NHPBS would be when you enter a channel in your area, the first sub channel you will see is 11.1 (or 11-1). Each sub-channel may have a different format like 11.1 in HD and 11.2 in SD. NHPBS currently has 5 sub-channels available to its viewers over the air.


I live in Coos County / Carroll County / Maine. I subscribe to DIRECT TV / DISH (Echostar) and it does not carry NHPBS. What can be done so we can watch?


Unfortunately, we have no control over this satellite television coverage. Under current federal regulations, satellite companies are not allowed to rebroadcast PBS stations in Nielsen Designated Market Areas (DMAs) unless that PBS station has a full-power transmitter located in that DMA. Coos and Carroll counties are located in the Portland DMA and, since NHPBS’s Pittsburg translator is not a “full power” transmitter, the satellite companies are not allowed to retransmit our signal. The current regulation is due to be reauthorized next year. NHPBS will be working closely with our Congressional delegation to ensure that the language is revised to allow our signal to be carried all around the state.

You might want to see if anyone in your area has a rooftop antenna and is able to receive NHPBS off-air, which would allow you to watch us. This may not work, but we hear many viewers receive us this way.

We are also working on the possibility of getting a transmitter atop Mount Washington, which would enable our signal to reach throughout this area and satisfy the requirement to have a full-power transmitter in the Portland DMA. However, this request will have a lengthy regulatory approval process.


I'm hearing the wrong sound or someone is talking over the program when I watch NHPBS.


Your stereo TV is probably set to listen to our second audio program channel (SAP). The SAP channel is used to provide a second audio program like the Descriptive Video Service (DVS), which provides a narrative of action on the screen for the benefit of the visually impaired. To turn off the SAP channel of your television and return to the stereo program audio, you must find the buttons or menus that perform this function. Some typical procedures are shown below:

  1. The remote control is the easiest way to inadvertently select the SAP channel and is also the easiest way to turn it off. There is usually a button labeled, SAP, AUDIO, MTS or SOURCE that will switch between regular audio and the SAP channel each time you push it. Many viewers push this button quite accidentally, but don't notice it until they tune to a station that broadcasts SAP.
  2. If you can't find a button on your remote, then you may have to go to your on­screen menus. There is usually a menu choice for AUDIO that lets you select between STEREO (NORMAL), MONO or SAP. Many TV sets have this selection on the same "page" as BASS, TREBLE and BALANCE.


I can't receive NHPBS.


Most people watch New Hampshire PBS on Channel 11, but actually NHPBS broadcasts on five channels. In dealing with these questions, you can substitute any of the NHPBS stations for Channel 11: channels 15 in Hanover, 18 in Pittsburg/Stewartstown, 49 in Littleton, and 52 in Keene.

  • If you're on cable, call your cable company. It could be a simple matter of NHPBSs being assigned a number other than 11 on your cable system.
  • If you aren't on cable, things are more complicated. Television signals (like FM radio signals) are transmitted by line of sight. If there's something in the way, like a building, a tree or a mountain ­­ the signal can't get through.
  • If you're using rabbit ears, are you close enough to our transmitters to get reception? NHPBS transmitter is located on Saddleback Mountain in Deerfield, N.H.; Channel 15's tower is on Moose Mountain on the Hanover/Enfield, N.H. line; Channel 18's transmitter is on Holden Hill near Little Diamond Pond in Stewartstown, N.H.; Channel 49 is on Mann Hill, 3.8 miles NE of Littleton, N.H.; and Channel 52 is broadcast from Derry Hill, eight miles NNW of Keene in Walpole, N.H,. Have you pointed your rabbit ears in the right direction?
  • If you use an antenna on the roof, do you have a rotor and is the antenna pointed toward the NHPBS transmitter?
  • Are there tall trees around your house? Is there a hill or mountain between you and our transmitter, or are you in a valley?

If you can't cut the trees, level the hills, move the mountains or your house, we suggest that you call one of the NHPBS engineers.


NHPBS comes in on channels 9 & 13, too. How do I stop the interference?


If you are on cable, please check with your cable company first.

If you're not on cable and you're very close to our transmitter site, our signal could be overpowering your set. So what do you do? If you have an outside antenna, disconnect it and hook up rabbit ears to NHPBS. If that works, and NHPBS isn't interfering with channels 9 and 13 anymore, then you can purchase an A/B switch that hooks your outside antenna to A and your rabbit ears to B. This way you can easily hop from rabbit ears back to your antenna with a flick of the switch. If you are still getting interference because you're too close, you'll need to purchase an electronic filter that eliminates NHPBS from your antenna. But don't despair; those rabbit ears keep on going...and going...and going.


NHPBS is very ghosty.


If you are on cable, contact your cable company to see if the problem originates with their system. If you're not on cable, this ghosting can result from these causes:

  1. Your home may be surrounded by many trees that cause the signal to bounce.
  2. Your home may be near several hills or mountains that cause reflected signals to enter your TV at slightly different intervals from the main signal
  3. If your TV set is old, it may lack an electronic shielding that prevents ghosting.

Very often ghosting can be eliminated or minimized if you rotate your antenna until the picture improves. Unfortunately, sometimes there is no solution for the problem due to surrounding terrain/obstructions.


NHPBS has very dark lines and/or a squeal in the audio.


Most often this is when you are on a cable system that shows NHPBS on channel 11 and our transmitted signal is strong enough to leak into the TV set or cable TV wiring. Please contact our engineers (top of page) and we will help you try to resolve the problem.

If you need assistance, please e-mail or call us at (603) 868-1100 during business hours.

Station Management

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