Community Advisory Board

The New Hampshire PBS Community Advisory Board (CAB) is an advisory group that helps New Hampshire's statewide network be more responsive to the specialized needs of the communities it serves. It helps by providing for effective public participation to assist staff in assessing community needs, planning and decision making. Its members offer advice on programming and other services and gather feedback from the public. The CAB must be independent from the governing board of the station, which is NHPB's Board of Directors.

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Board Members

  • Dr. Kristen Nevious, Chair

    The Marlin Fitzwater Center for Communications, Franklin Pierce University
  • Mary DeVries

    Wolfeboro Chamber of Commerce
  • Cheryl Lee Gilbert

    Synchrony Advisors
  • John Gfroerer

  • Brian Hoffman

  • Clinton Frederick Miller MD

    Coastal NH Neurosurgeons (retired) President, Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra
  • Anne Sullivan

    Executive Director- The Tillotson Center
  • Pelagia Vincent

    Hospitality & Marketing Consultant


All board and subcommittee meetings are open to the public unless otherwise specified.

Community Advisory Board

  • CAB Planning Meeting
  • Friday, January 24, 2020 8a
    Popovers Epping, NH

  • Tuesday, April 14, 2020 3p
  • Tuesday, June 9, 2020 3p
    NHPBS Studio 268 Mast Road Durham

The basic nature of the CAB is established by a section of the Federal Communications Act that requires community-licensed public broadcasting stations to establish a community advisory board that is permitted to review the programming goals established by the station, the service provided by the station and the significant policy decisions rendered by the station. The group shall advise the governing board of the station with respect to whether the programming and other policies of the station are meeting the community, educational and cultural needs of the communities served by the station and may make such recommendations as the group considers appropriate to meet such needs.

The public broadcasting station must undertake good faith efforts to ensure that its advisory board meets at regular intervals, the members of its advisory board regularly attend the meetings of the advisory board and the composition of its advisory board is reasonably representative of the diverse needs and interests of the communities served by the station.

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Station Management

Peter A. Frid
President & CEO

Dawn DeAngelis
Vice President & Chief Content Officer