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First of all we want to say, CHEERS to all of you! 

We hope you've been catching some of the newer British shows on Tuesday nights. Here are a couple: 



The long-awaited new season of LAST TANGO IN HALIFAX has arrived! Alan and Celia are 7 years into their marriage and while they may be as enamored as ever, the course of true love never did run smooth. For them that means clashing politics, the trials of a new job and visiting family. 

Click here to watch creator Sally Wainwright discuss her inspiration in creating this timeless love story.

And how do you like the Dutch Detective? Maybe VAN DER VALK isn't a traditionally English name, but this brilliant - if a bit broken - Amsterdam detective is brought to us by British novelist Nicolas Freeling and ITV, so it's BritWit approved. 

Naturally, the writing's great and the acting is first rate. What surprised us was how funny this crime drama is. There's plenty of intrigue and a touch of gore (no pun intended), but Van Der Valk's banter with his colleagues and their grudging mutual admiration provides the warm light for which Amsterdam is so well known. 

If you missed the premiere, catch it again on air or on Passport. Until then, enjoy this clip!

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Don’t fanny around, we think you’ll find it to be the bee’s knees!

Be sure to enjoy some tea time for yourself.


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