steven raichlen's project smoke
Yum Kippers-Fish Gets Smoked

Sable. Lox. Kippers. Some of our most prized smoked foods come from the sea. This show explores iconic smoked seafood dishes from around Planet Barbecue. We start with salt-cured, cold-smoked salmon in the style of Bornholm, Denmark. (You'll learn to smoke it in a monster offset barrel smoker from Oklahoma). Next, hot smoked black cod (aka sablefish) cured with a fennel-coriander rub and smoked in a ceramic cooker. Our third fish-wahoo from the Florida Keys-uses an unusual double marinating technique prior to being smoked and is served with a habanero-mango salsa. For dessert: spectacular coconut creme brulees smoked in a pellet grill. It's business as usual at Project Smoke. Recipes: Cold Smoked Salmon; Hot Smoked Black Cod / Smoked Cod Toasts; Smoked Wahoo with Mango Salsa; Coconut Smoked Creme Brulees.

Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 46 seconds

Episode Number: 110

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