Bird Song/No Need to Shout
elinor wonders why

Fri, Jun 23 6:30 A.M. NHPBS KIDS  

Bird Song - Elinor's Dad is having trouble sleeping in because of the noisy birds outside his window, so Elinor decides to find out why birds sing, and hopefully get her Dad a little peace and quiet. Ari and Olive join her, and the kids come to realize birds sing to communicate, just like how we talk to communicate. The next morning, Elinor uses a whistle to call the bird away so her dad can finally get some sleep. No Need to Shout - Elinor loses her voice just before she and her friends are supposed to sing their song for the class. She needs to figure out another way to perform, so she and her friends decide to observe nature outside for some ideas. They notice that all sorts of animals use different ways to communicate by using actions instead of words, like a dog wagging its tail vigorously or a baby crying. This gives Elinor the idea that she can act out the actions of the song during their presentation. The show must go on!

Episode Duration: 28 minutes and 55 seconds

Episode Number: 107

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Fri, Jun 23 6:30 A.M. Bird Song/No Need to Shout     NHPBS KIDS

About Elinor Wonders Why:

Elinor Wonders Why encourages children to follow their curiosity, ask questions when they don't understand and find answers using science inquiry skills.

The main character Elinor, the most observant and curious bunny rabbit in Animal Town, will introduce children ages 3-5 to science, nature and community through adventures with her friends.

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