The Fire Drill/Daniel and Mom Go to the Market
daniel tiger's neighborhood

Fri, Apr 26 10:00 A.M. NH Kids (11.5)  

The Fire Drill: At school, Teacher Harriet shows the class what to do to stay safe during a fire drill. While Daniel and his friends are playing, the fire alarm starts to ring, and the class practices their fire drill, following Teacher Harriet's instructions. The Neighborhood firefighters arrive to check on their classroom and teach the kids all about staying safe during an emergency. Daniel and Mom Go to the Market: Daniel and Mom Tiger are making a yummy breakfast at home when a mug falls and shatters. Daniel is about to help pick up the pieces, but his mom tells him to stop and listen to stay safe while she cleans up. When they go to the market afterwards, Daniel gets lost in one of the aisles. With the help of Prince Tuesday, he stops and listens, and Mom Tiger is able to find him. Strategy: Stop and listen to stay safe.

Episode Duration: 28 minutes and 55 seconds

Episode Number: 503

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Fri, Apr 26 10:00 A.M. The Fire Drill/Daniel and Mom Go to the Market     NH Kids (11.5)

About Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood:

"Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" is an animated series with live-action interstitials.

Fred Rogers' original Neighborhood of Make Believe is recreated in vibrant color and texture; his signature puppet Daniel Striped Tiger is transformed into a curious and playful 4-year-old joined by his friends O the Owl, Prince Wednesday, Katerina Kittycat and Miss Elaina.

The series curriculum is school-readiness and social-emotional learning, and each preschool themed episode offers a musical strategy for children and parents to use together.

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