Daniel Visits School/Daniel Visits The Doctor
daniel tiger's neighborhood

Daniel Visits School - Daniel is visiting school for the first time and he's a little nervous until he learns that asking questions so that he knows what to expect is the best way to handle the anxiety that comes with new experiences. Daniel Visits the Doctor - Daniel is going to Dr. Anna for his checkup - but he is very anxious! Mom Tiger teaches him that talking about the situation will help him feel calmer, so Daniel makes a book with all the information he knows about the doctor.

Episode Duration: 28 minutes and 46 seconds

Episode Number: 102

About Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood:

"Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" is an animated series with live-action interstitials.

Fred Rogers' original Neighborhood of Make Believe is recreated in vibrant color and texture; his signature puppet Daniel Striped Tiger is transformed into a curious and playful 4-year-old joined by his friends O the Owl, Prince Wednesday, Katerina Kittycat and Miss Elaina.

The series curriculum is school-readiness and social-emotional learning, and each preschool themed episode offers a musical strategy for children and parents to use together.

Future Broadcast times for "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood": (show all)

Tue, Sep 27 12:30 A.M. Daniel Does Gymnastics/The Big Slide     NHPBS KIDS
Tue, Sep 27 8:00 A.M. Jodi Tries Ballet/Daniel Tries Something New with Grandpere     NHPBS KIDS
Tue, Sep 27 8:30 A.M. Daniel Likes to Be with Dad/Daniel Likes to Be with Mom     NHPBS KIDS
Tue, Sep 27 9:30 A.M. Daniel Listens to Dad/Daniel and Katerina Listen to Each Other     NHPBS
Tue, Sep 27 2:00 P.M. Circle Time Squabble/It's Not Okay to Hurt Someone     NHPBS
Wed, Sep 28 12:30 A.M. Daniel Likes to Be with Dad/Daniel Likes to Be with Mom     NHPBS KIDS
Wed, Sep 28 8:00 A.M. Daniel Goes to Day Camp/Daniel's Rainy Day at Camp     NHPBS KIDS
Wed, Sep 28 8:30 A.M. Daniels Tiger Twirl/You Can Play Your Own Way     NHPBS KIDS
Wed, Sep 28 9:30 A.M. You Are Special/Daniel Is Special     NHPBS
Wed, Sep 28 2:00 P.M. King Daniel for the Day     NHPBS
Thu, Sep 29 12:30 A.M. Daniels Tiger Twirl/You Can Play Your Own Way     NHPBS KIDS
Thu, Sep 29 8:00 A.M. The Family Campout/A Game Night for Everyone     NHPBS KIDS
Thu, Sep 29 8:30 A.M. Mad at the Crayon Factory/Mad at School     NHPBS KIDS
Thu, Sep 29 9:30 A.M. The Dragon Dance/Teacher Harriet's Birthday     NHPBS
Thu, Sep 29 2:00 P.M. Daniel Learns About Lizards/Daniel Wonders About Trolley     NHPBS
Fri, Sep 30 12:30 A.M. Mad at the Crayon Factory/Mad at School     NHPBS KIDS

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