dinosaur train
Mom Was A Kid Once

After Shiny and Annie have a disagreement while exploring a local cave, Mom recalls a similar disagreement with her best friend when she was a kid, Tilly Pteranodon. Tilly happens to be visiting that day and the kids get to meet her for the first time. Mom and Tilly have a great reunion, yet they have very different memories of what their childhood disagreement was about-except that it was about an adventure in a swamp and a swamp-dwelling creature. To clear things up, Mom, Tilly, Tiny, Shiny, and Annie go back to Mom and Tilly's old neighborhood and the swamp. / Mom and Tilly (along with Tiny, Shiny, and Annie) return to their old neighborhood to explore the swamp where they used to play as kids and had a disagreement. The disagreement was about a swamp creature - was it a friend or foe? Mom and Tilly discover the creature, who is still there, is a friend! She is GOLDIE the GLOBIDENS, a marine creature who eats mostly shellfish. Mom recalls that she was scared of Goldie as a kid. and that that was the crux of her disagreement with Tilly. But, that was then, and now their friendship is patched up and strong again - a good example for Shiny and Annie.

Episode Duration: 28 minutes and 46 seconds

Episode Number: 502

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