joseph rosendo's travelscope
Bhutan - Part 2 - Land of the Thunder Dragon

Joseph's Bhutan adventure continues as he heads east over 14,000 foot mountain passes to the Phobjikha Valley to witness the graceful antics of the rare and endangered Black-Necked Crane. While the cranes are breathtaking in their elegance and beauty, his overnight stay in a local guest house and unexpected invitation to join villagers constructing their neighbors' adobe home proves most heart-warming and inspirational. He travels to Bumthang, the spiritual heart of Central Bhutan, where he traverses a challenging road to the annual Ngang Lhankhang "Swan Monastery" festival. Music, dancing, singing, chanting, gambling, archery - the festival offers the "middle path" between spiritual and secular activities and Joseph joys in them all. After two weeks of journeying through the wildness and magnificence of the Bhutan Himalayas he comes to realize that it is the Bhutanese smiles, easy laughter, fearlessness and willingness to share their lives that is the defining character of the people.

Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 46 seconds

Episode Number: 710

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