joseph rosendo's travelscope
Nicaragua - Culturally Rich and Naturally Beautiful

Joseph visits Nicaragua and discovers the untouched beauty of the land and a population ready to embrace travelers. In spite of a history of trials and tribulation, today Nicaraguans are a people filled with good cheer and gifted with open hearts. Long overlooked by tourists, the country has preserved what is a treasure chest full of surprising attractions. While Nicaragua owes its cultural vitality to its Spanish roots, its natural gems are ageless. From volcanic landscape to teeming rivers and untrammeled rainforests, the program reveals a country that is a traveler's dream. Grenada is a colonial gem, Masaya a city of artisans, the Rio San Juan an avenue to adventure and the 640,000 acre Rio Maiz National Park a world treasure. Joseph touches on Nicaragua's troubled past, celebrates its free spirit and marvels at its unspoiled nature and abundant wildlife.

Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 46 seconds

Episode Number: 703

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