dinosaur train
Gilbert The Conductor/A Clubhouse of Their Own

The Conductor's nephew Gilbert has been taking Conductor courses at the Troodon Academy, and has finally graduated to Cadet Conductor! The kids are thrilled - will Gilbert get his own Dinosaur Train to conduct? The answer comes when the Conductor gets sick and can't do his job, including calling out the station stops! He appoints new Cadet Gilbert to run the Dinosaur Train until he gets his voice back. The strain of running the train by himself wears heavily on Gilbert, and our kids step in to help him run it. Gilbert learns it takes a team to get the job done and keep the train running. There's big relief when the real Conductor gets his voice back and goes back to running things. No one's more relieved than Gilbert! / Our kids want their own clubhouse, separate from the family nest. They try out several locations - Tiny's Tiny Place, Dad's Thinking Tree, a large Don-made hole - but none of them are the right fit. Eventually, the kids (with the help of Mom and Dad), build their own clubhouse using natural materials.

Episode Duration: 28 minutes and 55 seconds

Episode Number: 505

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