The Legacy List

As baby boomers downsize living spaces and settle estates, THE LEGACY LIST helps aging homeowners catalog a lifetime of belongings, locating treasured heirlooms and unexpected valuables in the attic, closet, or even under the floorboards. Host Matt Paxton, a nine-season veteran of A&E's Hoarders, is joined by military memorabilia expert Avi Hopkins, fashion collectibles authority Jaime Ebanks, and Mike Kelleher, a walking encyclopedia of pop culture trinkets and antiques.

Mon, Dec 13 6:00 A.M. Shirley Macon / Aberdeen, NJ     NH CREATE

Retired schoolteacher Shirley Macon of Aberdeen, New Jersey is downsizing and moving to Atlanta, Georgia to be closer to her daughters.

Mon, Dec 20 6:00 A.M. Six Generations of Stuff / Leesburg, VA     NH CREATE

Libby and Nick of Virginia face the overwhelming task of sorting through their sprawling manor filled with historical artifacts and family heirlooms.

Mon, Dec 27 6:00 A.M. Turn The Page / Washington, D.C.     NH CREATE

Eric and Linda of Washington DC face the challenge of downsizing from their large family home into an apartment half the size, that includes searching for a bracelet owned by Linda's relative who was enslaved at the house in Appomattox Courthouse where Lee surrendered to Grant.

Mon, Jan 3 6:00 A.M. Haul in the Family / Manheim, PA     NH CREATE

Chris and Jean from Pennsylvania dig through two storage units of family belongings dating back five generations hoping to find a few long lost items of historical value.

Mon, Jan 10 6:00 A.M. Viva La Downsizing / Richmond, VA     NH CREATE

Empty nesters Michel and Lisa of Virginia clean out their garage and attic filled with memorabilia from their beloved Mexican restaurant.

Mon, Jan 17 6:00 A.M. You Gotta Have Art / Coventry, CT     NH CREATE

A Connecticut man attempts to convert an old farmhouse and barn filled with his late father's artwork into a memorial that celebrates his dad's accomplishments as an artist.

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