samantha brown′s places to love
Ireland′s Northwest Coast

Samantha goes green and marks off the Northwest coast of Ireland from her bucket list as she starts an epic adventure in County Donegal. Samantha is inspired by a poetry reading of William Butler Yates by a local historian, as her exploration continues, Samantha hikes up the sea cliffs of Slieve League, herds sheep on a local farm, learns about the dying craft of wool-weaving and takes an exhilarating horseback ride along the beach. Samantha frequents a local Gastropub and meets its owners, who are transforming Irish cuisine and serving up regional Irish craft beer. Topping off her County Donegal experience, Samantha visits famous Leo's Tavern, where she meets Irish celebrity, Moya Brennan of the band Clannad. Brennan is joined by her sisters and family to perform Celtic music in a rousing live performance. Finally, Samantha visits County Sligo, where she forages seaweed from the Atlantic Ocean and learns of its nutritional importance.

Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 46 seconds

Episode Number: 110

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