samantha brown′s places to love
Huntsville, Alabama

Welcome to Rocket City, home of Space Camp and the U.S Space and Rocket Center. Samantha has the pleasure to travel to one of the most unassuming cities in that of Huntsville, Alabama, where she gets to float in space like an astronaut, see a full-scale Apollo rocket and meets Alex McCool, a national treasure who helped put man on the moon. There aren't only rockets in Huntsville, though, and Samantha ventures out to a soul food restaurant, serving arguably the best fried chicken in the South. From there she heads to a former textile mill that has become a cultural complex of artists and performers, which includes Danny Davis, a former NASA engineer, who designs custom acoustic guitars. One of his clients includes Grammy award-winning Steeldrivers front man Gary Nichols, who stops by and performs in a unique live-music venue.

Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 46 seconds

Episode Number: 105

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