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The Mindysphere/Lone Star

Tue, Nov 24 6:00 A.M. NHPBS      

Mindy's mom has gradually been giving Mindy permission to go a little bit farther in the neighborhood on her own, and Mindy is trying to map out exactly what her boundaries are. Sean compares her "Mindyspere" to the helisophere-the boundaries of the Sun's influence. The kids get Celery to fly them out past the heliosphere into true interstellar space. Back on Earth, they make their own Voyager 1 (out of a wagon) and take Mindy to the outermost edges of the Mindysphere! / Sydney knows a lot about Boxwood Terrace's early history, and she tells Jet stories about a local pioneer who went by the nickname "Lone Star." He got that name because he was an early astronomer who liked the hills of Boxwood Terrace for their excellent views of the night sky, and built the first Observatory on the hill that now sits at the center of the Deep Space Array. As Jet imagines Sydney's story of Lone Star, the kids turn the story into a Western-flavored musical.

Episode Duration: 28 minutes and 46 seconds

Episode Number: 134

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Tue, Nov 24 6:00 A.M. The Mindysphere/Lone Star     NHPBS

About Ready Jet Go!:

READY JET GO! is a 3D animated series for 3-8 year-olds with a focus on astronomy, scientific exploration, innovation and invention, and Earth as it is affected by our solar system.

The show is about two neighborhood kids-one with an all-consuming drive for science fact and another with an overwhelming passion for science fiction.

They both befriend the new kid on their street, Jet Propulsion, whose family happens to be aliens from Bortron 7.

The comedy series teaches kids a variety of Earth science concepts (gravity, tides, moon phases, seasons) as well as an introductory explanation of innovation, astronomy, and our solar system.

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