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Which Moon Is Best?/Detective Mindy

"Which Moon is Best?" - Sean wants to be the first to walk on a moon, like his hero Neil Armstrong. When Sydney points out that 12 astronauts have already walked on our Moon, Sean thinks that rather than be the 13th to walk on OUR moon, why not be the first to walk on ANOTHER moon in our solar system? Sure, but which moon? The kids decide to compare the frozen moons Europa, which orbits Jupiter, and Enceladus, which orbits Saturn. They get help from Carrot and Celery, who fly them to each one, and Sean gets to walk on them. Curriculum: The gas giants Jupiter and Saturn each have around 60 moons - each of them unique. Interestingly, each gas giant has a frozen ice moon that contains a warmer liquid ocean under the surface: Jupiter's moon Europa, and Saturn's moon Enceladus. Each moon has its own similarities and differences. "Detective Mindy" - When Mitchell's mother declares the kitchen counter a "black hole" because she can't find her sunglasses and she's sure she left them there, Mitchell takes up the case of the black hole kitchen counter. As he's investigating, one by one, all the other kids get involved in his process. As they learn about what a black hole really is, Mitchell discovers that science holds enough mysteries to keep him busy for many years. Curriculum: Black holes are strange little holes in space that are like vacuum cleaners that use gravity (instead of suction) to suck things in. A black hole is what remains when a massive star dies. They send out no light and have very strong gravity. Once a planet or star has been sucked into the black hole, it cannot escape, and compresses to a very small size.

Episode Duration: 28 minutes and 46 seconds

Episode Number: 124

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