neven's spanish food trails

Priego de Cordoba is a town strategically positioned on top of a hill, surrounded by hundreds of square kilometres of olive trees. Neven learns about the different types of olives used to make the town's award-winning olive oil. The city of Cordoba is known for its own version of chilled tomato soup called Salmorejo - a puree of tomato, bread, garlic and olive oil, and very different to the better known gazpacho. Neven is invited to join the Brotherhood of Salmorejo, a group dedicated to ensuring that the soup is made properly. Finally, Neven visits a bodega in Montilla to learn about Fino (which means "refined" in Spanish), the driest and palest of the fortified wines of the region. Neven ends this week's programme cooking Vegetable Risotto using sherry vinegar.

Episode Duration: 25 minutes and 23 seconds

Episode Number: 110

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