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Nature Cat's Nature Stories/Pattern Problema

Tue, Aug 10 12:00 P.M. NHPBS KIDS      

It's Nature Stories day today and as his friends gather around, Nature Cat tells his made-up silly story of where the wind comes from. And who would've guessed that according to Nature Cat, wind comes from the elephants in the west who use their huge trunks to blow cool air across the land! Funny! Squeeks and Hal get into the silly storytelling spirit with their tale of how the firefly got its light - it's because the sun gave them light on their tails so they can have parties at night and see what they are doing. Really wacky! Now it's Daisy's turn to tell a silly story, but she is having a little trouble coming up with an idea! / It's a race against the clock for Hal! He was doing a little dog house redecorating to surprise his mommy when she comes over later in the day, but there is something wrong with Hal's wall decorations. It looks like a few wallpaper patterns put here and there, and not very pleasing to the eye. Hal needs to finish before his mommy gets there, but he doesn't know what to do to make his doghouse look beautiful! Nature Cat gets an idea -- how about getting out into nature to get inspired by nature's beauty?

Episode Duration: 28 minutes and 46 seconds

Episode Number: 220

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Tue, Aug 10 12:00 P.M. Nature Cat's Nature Stories/Pattern Problema     NHPBS KIDS
Sat, Aug 14 1:30 P.M. Nature Cat's Nature Stories/Pattern Problema     NHPBS KIDS
Wed, Sep 8 3:00 P.M. Nature Cat's Nature Stories/Pattern Problema     NHPBS

About Nature Cat:

NATURE CAT follows Fred, a house cat who dreams of exploring the great outdoors.

In each episode, once his family leaves for the day, Fred transforms into Nature Cat, "backyard explorer extraordinaire." Nature Cat can't wait to get outside for a day of backyard nature excursions and bravery, but there's one problem: He's still a house cat with no instincts for nature.

Like many of today's kids, Nature Cat is eager and enthusiastic about outside activities, but is at times intimidated by them.

With the help of his animal friends, Nature Cat embarks on action-packed adventures that include exciting missions full of nature investigation, "aha" discovery moments and humor, all while inspiring children to go outside and "play the show."

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