Mekong River Adventure - Part 2
joseph rosendo's travelscope

Part two of Joseph's Mekong River journey through Cambodia and Vietnam finds him in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh where he embarks on a tuk-tuk tour of the city's highlights. He visits the royal palace with its stupas, pagodas and pavilions and pays homage to the country's spiritual heritage, as well as its colonial past. In local markets and restaurants where the fare can range from lobsters to tarantulas, he learns how, with the help of foreign NGOs, the country is recovering from its devastating Khmer Rouge history of war and ruin. Then Joseph follows the Mekong's flow into Vietnam where the Mekong River Delta spreads its seven arms across Southwest Vietnam. Here in the countryside towns, river villages and floating markets he experiences post-war Vietnamese life. As Joseph's Mekong River voyage ends he understands that after centuries of struggle, at the core of Cambodia and Vietnam's resurgence are their resilient people who have overcome the unimaginable time and time again and are now ready to greet the world with open arms.

Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 46 seconds

Episode Number: 1002

About Joseph Rosendo's Travelscope:

The Daytime Emmy-winning travel series Travelscope- now re-titled JOSEPH ROSENDO'S TRAVELSCOPE- scales new heights of adventure, natural splendor and cultural richness this season.

Host Joseph Rosendo journeys from the California coast to the islands of Hong Kong and to Chile's Tierra del Fuego.

Along the way, he encounters the heights of natural beauty in the Cariboo-Chilcotin Coast region of British Columbia, celebrates Christmas in Switzerland and circumnavigates the tip of South America.

The series' hallmark remains the rich cultural interchanges between Joseph and the local population.

He joins the parade of medieval guilds during Zurich's spring festival, shares devotions with a holy man in a rock-hewn church in Lalibela, Ethiopia and explores the mysteries behind the stone figures on Easter Island.

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