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Lublin is the capital of the Lubelskie region of Poland. It's a city of many important historical events and great significance. The first settlements formed here in the times of King Boleslaw Chrobry and the city was formed as early as 1198. Lublin was a city that attracted Kings, inventors and some of the greatest Polish minds. Due to its long history, the area abounds in legends and countless old relics and monuments left over from centuries past. Equally fascinating to its historical events is the region's cuisine, in large part shaped by that past. Lublin is a melting pot of all Polish flavor. In almost any area of the region that you visit you can discover the iconic Ukrainian and Jewish tastes that have blended with Polish traditions over time. The people here are proud of their regional specialties and honor both their local tastes as well as national traditions. In the episode Aleksandra will explore the long history of Lublin through a walk through its city center, she'll sit down to sample the region's specialty, the cebularz, with one of the city's locals, and venture beyond the city to the charming village of Kazimierz Dolny (a modern mecca for Poland's artists) for a dinner filled with the region's traditional specialties.

Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 46 seconds

Episode Number: 112

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