Flavor of Poland

In the charming cooking and travel series FLAVOR OF POLAND, host Aleksandra August meets chefs and home cooks from distinct regions of Poland. Throughout the series, Aleksandra explores the history, culture and culinary heritage of medieval cities like Krakow and Warsaw, visits an Olsztyn snail farm, learns to bake Toruń gingerbread and tastes the hearty food of Polish highlanders in the mountain city of Zakopane. She then returns to her kitchen to share recreations of new and traditional Polish dishes.

Flavor of Poland By Episode

  • Krakow (#101)

    Cracow, pronounced "Krakow" in Polish, was the capital of Poland prior to Warsaw.

  • Warsaw (#102)

  • Rzeszow (#103)

    RZESZOW is the capital of the Subcarpathian region of Poland, an area of the country that abounds in forests and majestic nature.

  • Bialystok (#104)

    The Podlaskie region (also called "Podlasie" in Poland) is the most diversified province in Poland in terms of ethnicity and culture.

  • Olsztyn (#105)

    The land of a Thousand Lakes, "The Green Lungs of Poland," "one of nature's wonders.

  • Gdansk (#106)

    Sea breezes, tall ships, a nautical tradition, a long, rich and fascinating part of Polish history and great Polish seafood - this is what we'll have a chance to experience on our visit to the Pomeranian region of Poland!

  • Katowice (#107)

    Silesia is historically the center of Poland's hard industry and there are certainly many rich traditions and hearty, homemade meals that were born out of this old way of life.

  • Wroclaw (#108)

    Wroclaw, in a historic nutshell, was from the very beginning of its existence an object of desire.

  • Poznan, Gniezno (#109)

    This may be one the most sentimental stops along our route!

  • Torun (#110)

    Torun, the capital of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian region of Poland boasts of many original Polish flavors.

  • Kielce (#111)

    Kielce is a city in south central Poland surrounded by one of the most beautiful landscapes of Poland - its quaint countryside.

  • Lublin (#112)

    Lublin is the capital of the Lubelskie region of Poland.

  • Zakopane (#113)

    One of the most colorful and breathtaking natural landscapes of Poland is found along its southern border.

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