flavor of poland

Sea breezes, tall ships, a nautical tradition, a long, rich and fascinating part of Polish history and great Polish seafood - this is what we'll have a chance to experience on our visit to the Pomeranian region of Poland! The capital of the region is the old, legendary city of Gdansk but our journey will extend beyond the capital as well. In the episode Aleksandra will begin her discovery of the region at the foot of its old trading route in Malbork, where she'll pay a visit to the great Teutonic Knight's Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a spectacle of history! From there she'll continue on to Gdansk to uncover the long history Poland's great port city, once a leader of the Hanseatic League. Following Gdansk she'll venture into Gdynia and Sopot (the remaining two cities of the Polish Tricity group) where she'll sample the best of Poland's Baltic tastes - the products of Mother Nature and Father Neptune: grilled, fresh caught fish, Herring tartar, or lobster paired with local craft beers and even an amber soup!

Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 46 seconds

Episode Number: 106

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