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The land of a Thousand Lakes, "The Green Lungs of Poland," "one of nature's wonders..." That's just a few of the titles Poland's majestic Warmian-Masurian region has earned. It enchants with its breathtaking landscape, filled with age-old forests, thousands of lakes and rivers, and numerous horse stables. It invites us in for reflection, rest and relaxation! Home to over 3,000 lakes, from high above, the region looks like a blue bird spreading its wings against a span of forests. It provides plenty of attractions for visiting tourists at every time of the year, not to mention a mouthwatering spread of local dishes. It is here in the Warmian-Masurian region that we can ask a fisherman to serve up the region's iconic fish broth called, "Ucha," or enjoy a steaming plate of a wide variety of the region's freshwater fish. If you're curious you can even come here to sample the Polish snail! In the episode Aleksandra will take viewers on a tour of all these aspects of this stunning region of Poland, visiting its capital city of Olsztyn, crossing its lakes to enjoy regional dishes at lakeside restaurants and visiting one of the largest snail farms in Poland located in the village of Krasin!

Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 45 seconds

Episode Number: 105

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