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RZESZOW is the capital of the Subcarpathian region of Poland, an area of the country that abounds in forests and majestic nature. The city of Rzeszow is a city with a long history and a rich tradition that reaches back to as far as the year, 1354. That's exactly why it prides itself with countless, impressive monuments, a diverse and unique cuisine. The sub-Carpathian region of Poland is a true blend of various traditions, cultures and flavors that rose out of the natural landscape. Various ethnic groups and national traditions, formed here over many centuries. Most commonly embraced were the courtly tastes and customs of the Polish eastern borderlands, but also influential were peasant and folk traditions as well as Armenian, Jewish, German, Hungarian and Austrian tastes. For centuries, these cuisines existed here in parallel, blending and borrowing from one another distinguishing the sub-Carpathian menu from the other regions of Poland. While in the region, we'll have a chance to try the everyday, staple dishes of the region as Aleksandra tours the city center. We'll have a chance to experience its finer tastes with a visit to the region's historic, Dubiecko Castle - the old home of one of Poland's most esteemed poets (Ignacy Krasicki) and today a holding place of the region's noble traditions.

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