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Cracow, pronounced "Krakow" in Polish, was the capital of Poland prior to Warsaw. In fact, it served as the nation's capital 3 times throughout history, most recently for an unbroken period of 499 years and altogether for a total of 700 years! Krakow has been, still is today, and most likely will remain for a long time the spiritual and cultural heart of Poland. The region's cuisine is also a product of its long and rich history. Here, the medieval, courtly tastes of Poland's old ruling class intermix with everyday dishes developed through the city's international character. Krakow was once a city that bustled with trade. Routes from the far north, east, west and south crossed through its center influencing the culinary landscape of the region. Large Ukrainian, Jewish, Austrian, and Hungarian communities blended with Polish traditions to create a very characteristic mixture of flavors, which are referred to as the Galician cuisine. As we uncover the history of Poland's old capital with Aleksandra, we'll have the chance to taste the flavors of the various aspects of its past and present.

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