Underground Soup/Dandy Dandelions
elinor wonders why

Mon, Mar 4 12:00 P.M. NHPBS (11.1)  

Ari and Olive visit Elinor, hoping she'll come out and play, but Elinor has hurt her foot and has to stay in bed for the afternoon. So, her friends decide to make her favorite snack, Backyard Soup! With Mr. Rabbit's approval, they go off to gather the vegetables from the garden, but many of the veggies they need seem to be missing. After investigating, they discover that the vegetables they're looking for are root vegetables, which means they're underground. They pluck and pull vegetables and make Elinor her favorite soup, changing the name to "Underground Soup!" When Elinor and Ranger Rabbit go help Deputy Mouse clean up his garden, Elinor be-comes fascinated with dandelions. Why does Deputy Mouse want to pull them out? Eli-nor learns that pulling out the weeds from a garden gives the vegetables room to grow, and composting the leftover weeds is good for the soil. But, when Ms. Llama announces that she's out of spinach for her salad party, Elinor learns that dandelions are actually good to eat, and she helps Ms. Llama make a new delicacy - a dandelion salad!

Episode Duration: 28 minutes and 55 seconds

Episode Number: 133

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Mon, Mar 4 12:00 P.M. Underground Soup/Dandy Dandelions     NHPBS (11.1)
Mon, Mar 4 1:00 P.M. Underground Soup/Dandy Dandelions     NH Kids (11.5)

About Elinor Wonders Why:

Elinor Wonders Why encourages children to follow their curiosity, ask questions when they don't understand and find answers using science inquiry skills.

The main character Elinor, the most observant and curious bunny rabbit in Animal Town, will introduce children ages 3-5 to science, nature and community through adventures with her friends.

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