doc martin
Midwife Crisis

Martin meets Portwenn's new midwife, Molly, who will be looking after Louisa. Martin is dismissive of her profession, and the two of them do not hit it off. Martin finds that cognitive behavioral exercises are a great help with his blood phobia and he is able to take blood from P.C. Penhale without reacting. Martin visits Aunt Joan at her farm, and breaks the news that he is intending to become a surgeon in London again. She is supportive, but urges him to tell Louisa. Martin and Molly have their final stand-off when Louisa develops a temperature which Molly tries to sooth with herbal remedies. Martin is furious when he discovers this - believing Molly's homespun ideas are seriously endangering Louisa's health. Edith has big news for Martin that Louisa overhears - Robert is going to offer him the prestigious surgeon's job in London.

Episode Duration: 45 minutes and 29 seconds

Episode Number: 406

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