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Thu, Jun 11 12:00 P.M. NHPBS KIDS      

Kids in glamorous Gollywood have no safe place to play. When they discover an empty lot that can be converted to a park, they have only one opponent: Hacker. He wants the lot for his new Gollywood Tower, which he claims will broadcast entertainment to all of Cyberspace. (The tower is really meant to corrupt Motherboard's hard drive.) The CyberSquad goes up against Hacker at a city council hearing. Will they get their park, or will Hacker dazzle the council into approving his tower? Big idea: Communities need to provide safe, inviting outdoor spaces where kids can play and be physically active. Math concepts: Data Collection and Representation: Surveys, Tally Marks.

Episode Duration: 28 minutes and 55 seconds

Episode Number: 1004

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Thu, Jun 11 12:00 P.M. parks and recreation     NHPBS KIDS

About Cyberchase:

Math rules in the animated adventure series CYBERCHASE.

CYBERCHASE energizes kids ages eight to eleven with math power.

Full of cyber-mysteries with eye-popping animation and a sly comic flair, the daily series features the voices of Christopher Lloyd and Gilbert Gottfried.

CYBERCHASE sends the message that math is fun - it's about problem solving and, boy, does it come in handy.

When the dastardly villain Hacker (Lloyd) launches a mad mission to conquer the virtual universe, Motherboard calls upon three earth kids for help.

They are Jackie, Matt and Inez - the culturally diverse heroes of CYBERCHASE - who, along with the wise-cracking cyber-bird Digit (Gottfried), travel from their real-world realm to the colorful virtual vistas of cyberspace, where they vanquish the bad guys in an all-out battle of wits.

Each episode takes the kids on a thrilling adventure driven by a different math concept - from tackling time in ancient Egyptian tombs to cracking codes in creepy caves or making sense of numbers in a fractured fairy tale world.

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