Steven Raichlen's Project Fire

In his groundbreaking Barbecue University television series, Steven Raichlen taught the world how to grill. In the popular sequel Primal Grill, viewers were taken on a virtual tour of global grilling. And in Project Smoke, Raichlen brought the arts of barbecuing and smoking from the competition circuit to the American home. Deciding it was time to turn up the heat, Steven introduces his hottest series yet, PROJECT FIRE, a new and insightful exploration of how we grill today, and how we will grill and smoke tomorrow. With a dynamic new format that includes on-set guests and off-road field trips, innovators of live fire cooking join Steven to share revolutionary new techniques that elevate the backyard barbecue experience - from ember-roasting and salt slab grilling to fire-heated iron and high tech rotisseries. STEVEN RAICHLEN'S PROJECT FIRE introduces new foods - from unfamiliar cuts of steak to eco-friendly seafood - and new twists on popular classics, such as entire meals cooked on the grill, from breakfast to paella to clambakes. And, as usual, Steven features a collection of new tools and fuels for the avid griller.

Steven Raichlen's Project Fire By Episode

  • Wine Country Grill (#101)

    The deep connection between wine and barbecue dates back millennia and still runs deep as ever.

  • Steak and Beyond (#102)

    Be honest: What you really want to master is the perfect grilled steak.

  • Fish Hits The Fire (#103)

    Fish on the grill. Four simple words that strike fear into the hearts of novice grillers.

  • The Pac-Rim Grill (#104)

    The Pacific Rim extends from California and the Pacific Northwest to Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia, where exotic herbs and spices, chiles, and umami-rich fish and soy sauce make for larger-than-life flavor.

  • Grill Top Cocktail Party (#105)

    No one gathers around the stove to watch soup simmer or meat roasting in the oven.

  • Fusion Q (#106)

    Call it globalization's upside. Call it melting pot extreme.

  • One Good Turn (#107)

    One of the oldest methods of live-fire cooking, rotisserie grilling (aka spit-roasting) combines the smoky sear of direct grilling with the gentle, moisture-preserving heat of roasting.

  • Grilling 24/7 (#108)

    The time of day or night matters little to the world's hardcore pit masters, who think nothing of firing up grills or smokers or wood-burning ovens for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a late night snack.

  • Extreme Grilling (#109)

    Long before there were gas grills and charcoal, before rotisseries and planchas, there was fire.

  • Wrangler Tailgate (#110)

    The first tailgating party took place in 1869 at a Princeton-Rutgers football game.

  • So-Cal Grill (#111)

    Health-conscious Southern California boasts some of the most vibrant grilling in North America.

  • Raichlen's Rules (#112)

    In this episode, Steven looks at fundamental techniques that he has used over the years.

  • Grilling with Wood (#201)

    It's the world's most ancient grilling method, and to my mind, it remains the best.

  • Brisket 24 / 7 (#202)

    Brisket is simultaneously the easiest and hardest meat to barbecue.

  • Gulf Coast Grill (#203)

    Steinhatchee, Florida, population 1500, perches on the north shore of the historic Steinhatchee River where it joins the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Green Meets Grill (#204)

    Forget about red meat and black and blue steak. Today, we're grilling green.

  • Secret Steaks (#205)

    T-bones? On it. Porterhouse? Got you covered. And, yes, we can handle a rib-eye.

  • Primal Grill (#206)

    Today's show takes you back. Way back. To a time when our ancestors did their grilling in the fireplace.

  • Tex Meets Mex (#207)

    I'm always fascinated by the food cultures that arise on national borders.

  • The Best Bbq You've Never Heard Of (#208)

    You don't need a degree in smokeology to name the big three of barbecue: Kansas City ribs, Carolina pulled pork, and Texas smoked brisket.

  • Florida Tailgate Party (#209)

    You don't need to be a diehard Gators fan to get pumped up at a tailgate party.

  • Shoulder On (#210)

    The pork shoulder, aka Boston butt (named for the wooden barrels they were once shipped in), gives us Carolina pulled pork.

  • Chino-Latino (#211)

    Long before there was modern fusion cuisine, people cooked Chino-Latino.

  • Miami Spice (#212)

    Miami may be the southernmost metropolis in the United States.

  • Raichlen Rules Steak (#213)

    It's every carnivore's dream and every griller's triumph.

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