Joanne Weir's Plates and Places

Take a culinary journey with Joanne Weir through some of the most flavorful destinations in the world. In 13 brand new episodes of JOANNE WEIR'S PLATES AND PLACES, Joanne goes on a quest to find the key ingredient needed to create extraordinary dishes: inspiration! Far beyond simply following recipes, she shares the lessons and stories behind them in each episode. Throughout this cinematic new series, Joanne's curious nature and passion for good food combine for a thrilling adventure. From discovering unique spice blends prepared by a shopkeeper in a Moroccan marketplace to learning how to create perfect risotto from a rice grower in Italy, Joanne's mission is clear: to create enticing meals using readily available ingredients, easy to grasp techniques and inspiration from people and cultures here at home and around the world. Exploring the destinations, meeting the local people, and cooking with great ingredients which have inspired Joanne through the years, PLATES AND PLACES is a first class ticket to your own exhilarating culinary adventures.

Joanne Weir's Plates and Places By Episode

  • Risotto (#101)

    Attend a cooking class in the Veneto, Italy with Joanne and her students as they create a two-course meal featuring the region's famous Amarone wine and explore one of the region's most historic rice mills.

  • It's All Greek to Me (#102)

    Join Joanne and her students as they explore Greek food and culture on the island of Kea in Greece.

  • Tangia (#103)

    Journey to Morocco with Joanne and her students as they learn first-hand how to make this humble yet delicious Moroccan stew called a tangia.

  • Cookies (#104)

    Join Joanne as she travels the world, in search of the perfect cookie in Amsterdam, Riquewihr, France, the Greek islands, Italy, and back in San Francisco, where she makes an ice cream sandwich.

  • You Say Tomato (#105)

    Join Joanne as she travels to Parma, Italy to learn about the exceptional Italian tomato, and then brings them to her villa kitchen in Verona to make a comforting meal with her students.

  • Olives (#106)

    Join Joanne and group of food bloggers in the California wine county to learn about olives and cook up an olive themed dinner.

  • For The Love of Figs (#107)

    Joanne visits a California fig orchard and learns about both fresh and dried figs.

  • Taste of Alsace (#108)

    Experience Alsace, France as Joanne explores the quaint and picturesque town of Riquewihr and learns about Alsatian tarts, pretzels and one of her favorite food wines, Riesling.

  • Moroccan Salads (#109)

    Travel with Joanne and her students in Marrakech, Morocco to learn about Moroccan salads and experience the food and spectacle of the Marrakesh medina at night.

  • The Greek Kitchen (#110)

    Travel to the tiny Island of Kea in Greece to learn all about moussaka and skordalia.

  • Pasta from Scratch (#111)

    Join Joanne as she travels to Antica Locanda Sul Mincio with her students to enjoy a seven-course tortaloni banquet and then returns to master the fine art of making homemade tortaloni.

  • Cooking In Strasbourg (#112)

    Join Joanne and her students as they travel down the Rhine River to visit Strasbourg in northern France.

  • Couscous (#113)

    Today we're going to the source to visit some Berber women just outside Marrakech who learn the fine art of making couscous like the women from Morocco have made for generations.

  • Flavors of the Rhine (#201)

    Joanne takes you to the spectacular castle-filled Middle Rhine Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

  • Tagines (#202)

    Joanne visits a potter in Marrakech, Morocco to learn how the classic tagine pot is created, and then her students make traditional tagines over open-flame braisers.

  • Beef and Cabernet (#203)

    Joanne takes you to a hilltop in the spectacular Eastern Washington Mountains to cook an amazing beef tenderloin and cabernet-inspired feast.

  • The Flavors of Venice (#204)

    Join Joanne as she visits one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

  • Caviar (#205)

    Joanne takes you right to the source of one of her favorite ingredients: caviar.

  • Moroccan Spice (#206)

    Joanne takes you to the source of some of her favorite spices, a quintessential spice souk in the markets of Marrakech.

  • The Seafood of Greece (#207)

    Join Joanne as she explores the seafood specialties of Greece.

  • Pickling Amsterdam Style (#208)

    Today in Amsterdam, Joanne visits the farmers market in the Noordermarkt, and tastes the hugely popular dish of pickled herring.

  • The Wonders of Warka (#209)

    Travel to Morocco with Joanne and her students and learn how to make the paper-thin pastry dough warka and the classic sweet and savory bisteeya.

  • Chocolate (#210)

    Travel to La Maison Christian in Strasbourg, France to make chocolate truffles with owner Christophe Meyer, and then visit Heidelberg, Germany to taste some of their finest chocolates.

  • Moroccan Flatbread (#211)

    After a quick breakfast featuring traditional Msemen bread, Joanne travels to the Atlas Mountains to experience the rustic Berber Market.

  • Greek Classics (#212)

    Travel with Joanne and her students to the Greek Isle of Kea where they learn how to make tomato bread, stuffed peppers, and roasted lamb.

  • Mustard (#213)

    Visit Cologne, Germany with Joanne to taste mustard at a company that's been milling mustard since 1810.

  • Let Them Eat Cake (#301)

    Joanne visits Hotel Sacher in Vienna to taste and learn about the famous Sacher Torte and then visits a modern pastry shop in Vienna to learn the secrets of Sacher Torte from an up and coming young chef.

  • Spit-Roasted Lamb (#302)

    Joanne and a group of friends get together on the island of Syros in Greece to prepare a feast of a whole roasted lamb and a few Greek inspired side dishes.

  • Salty Salzburg (#303)

    Visit gorgeous Salzburg on the Danube and explore some historical sites including a local salt shop.

  • Rise and Shine (#304)

    Joanne visits a small town in Eastern Washington to see how this rural wine-making community honors breakfast.

  • The Secret Ingredients of Greece (#305)

    Joanne goes caper hunting with some friends along the stone walls overlooking the Aegean.

  • Spaghetti (#306)

    Joanne goes to the source of Italy's most famous tomato region to discover what makes San Marzano tomatoes some of the most prized in the world.

  • Sunset Dinner in the Wine Country (#307)

    Joanne entertains and instructs a few food blogger friends who have a lot of questions about figs, foraging and wine.

  • Washington Wine Country (#308)

    Joanne starts her day by visiting a local farmer's market and then stops by to visit friends at their Mediterranean restaurant, Saffron, and cook one of their most popular dishes using one of Joanne's favorite ingredients.

  • Take Me to Spain (#309)

    Joanne goes tapas-hopping in Rioja, Spain and brings the inspiration back to her home kitchen where we will experience the fine art of authentic tapas-making without leaving home.

  • Tomatoes Two-Ways (#310)

    In the heart of Parma, Joanne is inspired by two tomato recipes in a beautiful century old grain mill-turned restaurant.

  • October Fest (#311)

    Beer, sausage and schnitzel on the beautiful Danube!

  • Wine Cellar and Prosciutto (#312)

    Joanne visits her friend, ex-rugby player/poet, Diego, in his ancient wine cellar in Parma to taste wines made in small batches by cult Italian winemakers.

  • You Say Potato (#313)

    Joanne travels the world to bring potato recipes to her studio kitchen.

  • Paella Party In Spain (#401)

    Joanne is determined to learn the secret to making the perfect paella, so when Spanish friends invite her to cook up a storm with them along the River Oja in Northern Spain, she jumps at the chance.

  • Budapest's Central Market (#402)

    When it comes to food markets in a new city, Joanne is always on the hunt!

  • The Italian Tomato Harvest (#403)

    Joanne is having a love affair,-- in Italy with tomatoes!

  • Making Meze (#404)

    Greek small plates, or meze, are very much a part of Greek life.

  • World of Beans (#405)

    Joanne takes us on a shopping spree for beans in the Spanish Basque Country and on the Greek island of Syros.

  • Toe-Tappin' Tempranillo (#406)

    Come along with Joanne to Northern Spain and find out what makes the prized Tempranillo grape so unique.

  • Greek Island Picnic (#407)

    This is no ordinary picnic!

  • Beloved Italian Chef (#408)

    Come along and meet the renowned Chef Massimo Spigaroli, who makes one of the most coveted and revered cured hams in the world.

  • Chef Popi's Moussaka Lesson (#409)

    Joanne and her students take a class with Chef Popi who shares her secrets on making her specialty, classic moussaka, on the Greek island of Syros.

  • Hungry for Hungary (#410)

    Today Joanne makes a b-line to visit the incomparable Budapest Central Market in search of paprika, the spice Budapest is most famous for.

  • Very Viennese (#411)

    While cruising along the Danube, Joanne does a fresh spin on a Viennese classic, the Wiener Schnitzel, and an inspired potato dish you won't soon forget.

  • Fabulous Francis (#412)

    Join Joanne in the charming little village of Ezcaray in La Rioja, Northern Spain and cook alongside two-star Michelin chef, Francis Paniego, in his home kitchen.

  • Persimmons, Prosciutto & Friends! (#413)

    Sometimes, there's no place like home and Joanne loves discovering special culinary finds close to hers.

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