Wild Travels

Host Will Clinger offers his condolences at Houston's Museum of Funeral Customs; celebrates the weird and wonderful world of sculptor Dr. Evermor near Baraboo, Wisconsin; craves the collection of half-eaten celebrity sandwiches in the Land of Lincoln; discovers who Ed was and why Wykoff, Minnesota gave him his own museum; and drops in on a Portland, Oregon donut shop to play witness at a VooDoo Wedding. Ed Museum (Wykoff, MN); Ed Paschke Art Gallery (Chicago, IL); Strange Springfield--Donner Party Starting Point, Gen Santa Anna's Prosthetic Leg, Half-Eaten Celebrity Sandwiches, Two-Story Outhouse (Springfield, IL); Funeral Museum (Houston, TX); Dennis Hopper's Grave (Taos, NM); The Amazing World of Dr. Evermor (North Freedom, WI); Voodoo Donuts Wedding (Portland, OR).

Episode Duration: 25 minutes and 27 seconds

Episode Number: 105

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