Wild Travels

WILD TRAVELS goes off the beaten track to celebrate America's unusual festivals, offbeat museums and eccentric characters. The Emmy® award-winning series is intelligent, funny, unexpected and a bit irreverent, spotlighting our country's most colorful, unconventional and quirky people and places.

Wild Travels By Episode

  • Wild Travels (#101)

    Host Will Clinger finds an abundance of lactose-tolerance at Cheese Days in Monroe, Wisconsin; treads very carefully at the world's largest Rattlesnake Roundup in Sweetwater, Texas; investigates America's last remaining Barber Pole Factory in St.

  • Wild Travels (#102)

    In Las Vegas, host Will Clinger pays homage to the iconic signs of yesteryear at the Neon Boneyard, and then witnesses a miracle cure at Hangover Heaven; proceeds to Los Angeles to sample the potions, hexes and voodoo dolls at Farmacia Botanica; browses the rockets and sprockets at Sparta, Wisconsin's Deke Slayton Space & Bicycle Museum, then joins the revved up crowd at America's largest Art Car Parade in Houston.

  • Wild Travels (#103)

    Host Will Clinger stares in amazement at the largest airplane ever built - Howard Hughes' "Spruce Goose" on display in McMinnville, Oregon; witnesses some strange things indeed at Portland's Peculiarium; marvels at Marv's incredible collection of Farm Toys in Wisconsin; admires the aluminum siding at Houston's Beer Can House and then pulls over for gas station memorabilia at Classical Gas in Embudo, New Mexico.

  • Wild Travels (#104)

    Host Will Clinger returns to Sin City for an explosive tour of the National Atomic Testing Museum, and plays classic machines at Las Vegas' Pinball Hall of Fame; watches a parade that doesn't move an inch in Whalan, Minnesota; goes souvenir hunting at the Los Angeles Coroner's Gift Shop; then follows his nose to Baumgartrner's Cheese Shop in Monroe, Wisconsin for limburger sandwiches and finds out why all that cash is stashed on the ceiling.

  • Wild Travels (#105)

    Host Will Clinger offers his condolences at Houston's Museum of Funeral Customs; celebrates the weird and wonderful world of sculptor Dr.

  • Wild Travels (#106)

    Host Will Clinger looks on with envy at the World Beard & Mustache Championship in Portland, then quenches his thirst at nearby Belmont Station beer store boasting some bizarre brews; unearths the Lost Egyptian city from Cecil B.

  • Wild Travels (#201)

    Host Will Clinger finds himself in the middle of an ice cream-related catastrophe at the Ben & Jerry's Factory in Waterbury, Vermont; mingles with the mermaids at the underwater show in Weeki Wachee, Florida; achieves speeds of up to 5 miles per hour on the world's first cog wheel train to the summit of Mt.

  • Wild Travels (#202)

    Host Will Clinger tries and fails to ride an alligator at Orlando's Gatorland; drops in on the only used car dealership with a priceless collection of Muhammad Ali memorabilia in New Hampshire; dabbles in the paranormal at the abandoned and haunted West Virginia State Penitentiary; and then meets an outrageous artist who is creating a psychedelic city block in Pittsburgh known as "Randyland.

  • Wild Travels (#203)

    Host Will Clinger learns the hazards and rewards of professional Golf Ball Diving in Kissimmee; considers defecting to a foreign country at a library that sits smack dab on the U.

  • Wild Travels (#204)

    Host Will Clinger gets righteously hammered at a Pittsburgh church converted into a microbrewery; solves forensic puzzles while observing the Nutshell Dioramas of Unexplained Death in Baltimore; samples the "Kitty Piddle," "Monster Mucus," and "Bacon" flavors from among the 700 carbonated beverages at Pops 66 Soda Ranch near Oklahoma City; and then covers his ears as the engines roar at Orlando Speedway's Test 'n Tune Night.

  • Wild Travels (#205)

    Host Will Clinger prays that his car won't stall at the Drive-in Church in Daytona Beach; smokes a stogie that's just been rolled at Tampa's Tabanero Cigar Factory; keeps his clothes on for a tour of the Cypress Cove Nudist Colony* in Orlando; and joins the proud townsfolk in Fruita, Colorado as they celebrate an historic barnyard accident at the Mike the Headless Chicken Festival.

  • Wild Travels (#206)

    Host Will Clinger tries on the "Shoe Panties" and admires the "Flip 'N Flush" and other wacky inventions at a trade show in Pittsburgh; avoids becoming tiger food at the Big Cat Sanctuary in Tampa; ventures to Vermont to see art created and captured from Spider Webs; and then stumbles upon the Museum of Everyday Life in Glover, Vermont and its special exhibit on.

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