Episode 4

Ian Fletcher has now joined the British Broadcasting Corporation for W1A - a fictional satirical behind-the-scenes series based at the BBC's London headquarters. As Ian begins his new job as the BBC's Head of Values, he encounters a problem. Despite the job having been sold to him as a chance to influence and shape one of the Great British institutions, he soon realises that not only does he not have time to think Big Thoughts, he never has any time to think any thoughts at all. To make matters worse, Ian soon discovers that the board has also decided to hire PR company Perfect Curve's Siobhan Sharpe as the "Ginger Rogers to his Fred Astaire". Massaging presenter egos, deftly handling a BBC 'Anti-Cornish Bias' scandal and breaking through mindless creative meetings is all in a days work for Ian and the team in this sharply observed comedy, filmed at the BBC's real offices in Central London.

Episode Duration: 29 minutes and 48 seconds

Episode Number: 104

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Tue, Mar 16 8:00 P.M. Episode 1     NH EXPLORE
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Fri, Mar 26 8:00 P.M. Episode 2     NHPBS
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Fri, Apr 2 8:00 P.M. Episode 4     NHPBS
Tue, Apr 6 8:00 P.M. Episode 4     NH EXPLORE
Wed, Apr 7 1:00 A.M. Episode 4     NHPBS
Fri, Apr 9 8:00 P.M. Season 2 Episode 5     NHPBS
Tue, Apr 13 8:00 P.M. Season 2 Episode 5     NH EXPLORE

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