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Primal Grill

Thu, Jul 8 7:00 P.M. NH CREATE      

Today's show takes you back. Way back. To a time when our ancestors did their grilling in the fireplace. Or on fire-heated stones around the campfire and directly on the embers. I call it PRIMAL grilling, and it's about to make you a barbecue rock star. We're talking ember-grilled bread and ember-roasted vegetable salad. Chicken grilled in midair hanging over a smoky wood fire. And amaretti-stuffed pears grilled on primordial slabs of salt. Get ready to rock your grill with primal grilling techniques as old as humankind itself.

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Episode Number: 206

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Thu, Jul 8 7:00 P.M. Primal Grill     NH CREATE
Fri, Jul 9 1:00 A.M. Primal Grill     NH CREATE

About Steven Raichlen's Project Fire:

In his groundbreaking Barbecue University television series, Steven Raichlen taught the world how to grill.

In the popular sequel Primal Grill, viewers were taken on a virtual tour of global grilling.

And in Project Smoke, Raichlen brought the arts of barbecuing and smoking from the competition circuit to the American home.

Deciding it was time to turn up the heat, Steven introduces his hottest series yet, PROJECT FIRE, a new and insightful exploration of how we grill today, and how we will grill and smoke tomorrow.

With a dynamic new format that includes on-set guests and off-road field trips, innovators of live fire cooking join Steven to share revolutionary new techniques that elevate the backyard barbecue experience - from ember-roasting and salt slab grilling to fire-heated iron and high tech rotisseries.

STEVEN RAICHLEN'S PROJECT FIRE introduces new foods - from unfamiliar cuts of steak to eco-friendly seafood - and new twists on popular classics, such as entire meals cooked on the grill, from breakfast to paella to clambakes.

And, as usual, Steven features a collection of new tools and fuels for the avid griller.

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