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Episode One/Episode Two

A coach accident brings Charlotte to Sanditon, where she meets Tom and Sidney Parker. Lady Denham hosts a pineapple party for West Indian heiress Miss Lambe. Edward's relatives complicate matters. Charlotte and Sidney have an awkward encounter.

Episode Duration: 1 hour 56 minutes and 46 seconds

Episode Number: 5001

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Fri, Aug 7 1:00 A.M. Episode Four     NHPBS
Thu, Aug 13 8:00 P.M. Episode Five     NH EXPLORE
Fri, Aug 14 1:00 A.M. Episode Five     NHPBS
Thu, Aug 20 8:00 P.M. Episode Six     NH EXPLORE
Fri, Aug 21 1:00 A.M. Episode Six     NHPBS
Thu, Sep 3 8:00 P.M. Episode Seven     NH EXPLORE
Fri, Sep 4 1:00 A.M. Episode Seven     NHPBS
Thu, Sep 10 8:00 P.M. Episode Eight, Season Finale     NH EXPLORE
Fri, Sep 11 1:00 A.M. Episode Eight, Season Finale     NHPBS

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