make your mark
Vroom Vroom

Mark's creative car-themed wall decor, bracelets and air fresheners show how to travel in style. Projects: Flower Key Hooks (Ana); Travel Desk With Flip Up Tray; Toy Car Bracelet Spray-Painted Gold; Car Air Fresheners; Auto Wall Hanging (Peter).

Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 45 seconds

Episode Number: 103

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Mon, Apr 19 9:00 P.M. Hip-Cycle     NH CREATE
Tue, Apr 20 2:00 A.M. Hip-Cycle     NH CREATE
Fri, Apr 23 6:00 A.M. Hardware Heaven     NH CREATE
Fri, Apr 30 6:00 A.M. Light Up My Life     NH CREATE
Fri, May 7 6:00 A.M. Fashion Week     NH CREATE
Fri, May 14 6:00 A.M. Spooky and Kooky     NH CREATE
Fri, May 21 6:00 A.M. Hip-Cycle     NH CREATE
Fri, May 28 6:00 A.M. Backyard Bliss     NH CREATE

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