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The Italian Tomato Harvest

Joanne is having a love affair,-- in Italy with tomatoes! Join her and take in the bounty of the Italian tomato harvest in Parma, Italy. Then cook up a classic lasagna along with her chef friend, Alaria. Joanne brings a bit of Italy back home and cooks up some unique and delicious tomato dishes. Recipes: Lasagna di Alaria; Tomato Risotto; Upside-down Heirloom Tomato Cake.

Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 46 seconds

Episode Number: 403

NHPBS Over-the-Air Broadcast

WENH-TV Ch. 11 Durham

WLED-TV Ch. 48 Littleton

WEKW-TV Ch. 18 Keene

W50DP-D Ch. 50 Hanover

W34DQ-D Ch. 34 Pittsburg

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