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You Say Tomato

Sun, Jan 6 9:00 P.M. NH CREATE      

Join Joanne as she travels to Parma, Italy to learn about the exceptional Italian tomato, and then brings them to her villa kitchen in Verona to make a comforting meal with her students. Back in her San Francisco kitchen, she makes tomato corn chowder and eggs in purgatory. Recipes: Chicken pastissada with polenta; Tomato corn chowder; Eggs in purgatory.

Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 46 seconds

Episode Number: 105

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Sun, Jan 6 9:00 P.M. you say tomato     NH CREATE
Mon, Jan 7 3:00 A.M. you say tomato     NH CREATE

About Joanne Weir's Plates and Places:

Take a culinary journey with Joanne Weir through some of the most flavorful destinations in the world.

In 13 brand new episodes of JOANNE WEIR'S PLATES AND PLACES, Joanne goes on a quest to find the key ingredient needed to create extraordinary dishes: inspiration! Far beyond simply following recipes, she shares the lessons and stories behind them in each episode.

Throughout this cinematic new series, Joanne's curious nature and passion for good food combine for a thrilling adventure.

From discovering unique spice blends prepared by a shopkeeper in a Moroccan marketplace to learning how to create perfect risotto from a rice grower in Italy, Joanne's mission is clear: to create enticing meals using readily available ingredients, easy to grasp techniques and inspiration from people and cultures here at home and around the world.

Exploring the destinations, meeting the local people, and cooking with great ingredients which have inspired Joanne through the years, PLATES AND PLACES is a first class ticket to your own exhilarating culinary adventures.

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