From Growing Beautiful Flowers to the Largest Marketplace for Flowers in the World
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Lately we're seeing more flowers offered for sale. Even our grocery store has a nice selection of cut flowers available. GardenSMART visits the largest market for international horticulture in the world. And it is huge, and impressive. Join us as we GardenSMART in Holland.

Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 44 seconds

Episode Number: 6807

About Garden SMART:

"Garden Smart" is a "hands in the dirt" program that provides its' viewers with practical, timely gardening advice.

Produced in association with The National Gardening Association, a non profit organization whose purpose is to educate and promote gardening to young and old alike, "Garden Smart" each week provides valuable gardening tips, the latest trends "on the verge" and design advice, all with the purpose of making gardening fun and interesting.

"Garden Smart" is filmed each week at beautiful resorts and gardens in every region of the country.

These locations provide not only a stunning backdrop but additionally provide a sort of mini vacation for the viewer.

The visiting resident horticulturist and the host provide practical advice useful to a country-wide audience.

Plants are tagged on-screen with growing zones where they thrive.

Even when filming at a hot, desert location information will be presented making it pertinent for those in cold climates - how to grow Cactus in containers, for example.

Gardeners are always looking for new ideas and new plants - "Garden Smart" is unique in that it's a gardeners show and presents new information each week that lets gardeners know what other gardeners are growing and how.

Frequently addressed topics include landscape design, household and garden pests and kids gardening.

The goal each week is to take the mystery out of gardening, make it fun, present new ideas and let the audience "Garden Smart." Viewers are encouraged to contact the shows' experts and ask gardening questions via email and toll free phone lines, when a trend is noticed that topic is then addressed on the show.

No other gardening show provides the timely, up to date gardening advice available from "Garden Smart." Don't let other names cause confusion- there is only one "Garden Smart."

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