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"Garden Smart" is a "hands in the dirt" program that provides its' viewers with practical, timely gardening advice. Produced in association with The National Gardening Association, a non profit organization whose purpose is to educate and promote gardening to young and old alike, "Garden Smart" each week provides valuable gardening tips, the latest trends "on the verge" and design advice, all with the purpose of making gardening fun and interesting. "Garden Smart" is filmed each week at beautiful resorts and gardens in every region of the country. These locations provide not only a stunning backdrop but additionally provide a sort of mini vacation for the viewer. The visiting resident horticulturist and the host provide practical advice useful to a country-wide audience. Plants are tagged on-screen with growing zones where they thrive. Even when filming at a hot, desert location information will be presented making it pertinent for those in cold climates - how to grow Cactus in containers, for example. Gardeners are always looking for new ideas and new plants - "Garden Smart" is unique in that it's a gardeners show and presents new information each week that lets gardeners know what other gardeners are growing and how. Frequently addressed topics include landscape design, household and garden pests and kids gardening. The goal each week is to take the mystery out of gardening, make it fun, present new ideas and let the audience "Garden Smart." Viewers are encouraged to contact the shows' experts and ask gardening questions via email and toll free phone lines, when a trend is noticed that topic is then addressed on the show. No other gardening show provides the timely, up to date gardening advice available from "Garden Smart." Don't let other names cause confusion- there is only one "Garden Smart."

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A desert garden can be a treasure trove of interesting plants.

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Sun, Mar 21 11:30 A.M. Garden SMART     NH CREATE

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Garden SMART By Episode

  • Garden SMART (#5110)

    Containers provide multiple opportunities to have a great garden, especially in places where gardening would otherwise be difficult.

  • Garden SMART (#5111)

    Spending a day with an accomplished gardener in their garden is always a treat.

  • Garden SMART (#5112)

    Color and beauty are the stated goals of this wonderful garden.

  • Garden SMART (#5113)

    Having trouble getting your favorite plant to grow? It may not be you.

  • Garden SMART (#5201)

    We enjoy seeing beautiful plants grow in our yard.

  • Garden SMART (#5202)

    As gardeners, we want to create dynamic, year-round interest in our growing spaces.

  • Garden SMART (#5203)

    GardenSMART visits with a very talented gardener who grows vegetables that are not only tasty, but great looking, too.

  • Garden SMART (#5204)

    We've heard about gardening in the land of the midnight sun, so GardenSMART decided to visit.

  • Garden SMART (#5205)

    Gardeners may think of shade as challenging, however there are thousands of worthy plants that thrive in it.

  • Garden SMART (#5206)

    Old time garden design principles can be highly adaptable to today's gardens, because good ideas never go out of style.

  • Garden SMART (#5207)

    In this episode GardenSMART visits a garden composed of many different styles, each with a distinct look.

  • Garden SMART (#5208)

    Whether a small patio garden or a hundred-acre botanic garden, the finest share the amazing ability to connect us to nature.

  • Garden SMART (#5209)

    GardenSMART visits a beautiful and expansive garden that uses native plants to reflect a very unique personality.

  • Garden SMART (#5210)

    For gardeners, it can be a tug of war between a natural garden and one with all the latest and greatest flowers.

  • Garden SMART (#5211)

    Some have described the garden we visit this week as a garden on steroids.

  • Garden SMART (#5212)

    When water is an overriding concern, one must garden a little differently.

  • Garden SMART (#5213)

    GardenSMART visits a garden that is very old. Even more important, it is filled with beautiful, significant plants, many with fantastic stories.

  • Garden SMART (#5301)

    Shade in our yards and gardens doesn't mean we can't grow a wide variety of great looking plants.

  • Garden SMART (#5302)

    GardenSMART visits a gorgeous garden designed in the Romantic period (1857).

  • Garden SMART (#5303)

    GardenSMART visits a garden that not only has beautiful grounds, but one that incorporates community and hard work into every aspect of what they do.

  • Garden SMART (#5304)

    GardenSMART visits with an exceptional plantsman who elevates every plant under his watchful eye.

  • Garden SMART (#5305)

    Farmers markets just keep growing in popularity. It's great to find fresh vegetables and flowers.

  • Garden SMART (#5306)

    Ever wonder where your flowers or bulbs come from? We have.

  • Garden SMART (#5307)

    Millions of Americans participate in the weekly ritual of mowing the lawn.

  • Garden SMART (#5308)

    Farm to table restaurants were unheard of 20 years ago.

  • Garden SMART (#5309)

    We all want our gardens to look their best. How do we get there? GardenSMART visits with an expert who shares their ideas and tips for a great looking garden.

  • Garden SMART (#5310)

    Edible plants are one of the hottest trends in gardening and have been for some time.

  • Garden SMART (#5311)

    As we get older gardening can become more difficult.

  • Garden SMART (#5312)

    The best gardens are the result of years, even decades, of attention and devotion.

  • Garden SMART (#5313)

    Visiting a new garden is always a treat. Having an expert eye and ear provide behind-the-scenes insight makes it even more exciting.

  • Garden SMART (#5401)

    Trees, Trees, Trees. Replacing, conserving and protecting.

  • Garden SMART (#5402)

    Where should we start when deciding on the "perfect" landscape for our yard? It's a daunting question but GardenSMART visits with an accomplished garden designer who walks us through the process.

  • Garden SMART (#5403)

    Create balance and structure in your garden. Your garden should compliment your house but how do you go about doing that? Join us as GardenSMART addresses this question with garden and landscape experts.

  • Garden SMART (#5404)

    Choosing containers and siting them where they will look best are important considerations for a beautiful landscape.

  • Garden SMART (#5405)

    Defining the entryway of our home is important. And there are many ways to do it, including walls, trees, plants, containers, etc.

  • Garden SMART (#5406)

    Trees, ground covers and great looking plants. What's not to like? Be sure to tune in as we GardenSMART and watch and learn as our landscape project comes together.

  • Garden SMART (#5407)

    Once our landscape plan comes together there are finishing touches that can make a huge difference.

  • Garden SMART (#5408)

    Once the landscape is in place and we're happy with the results, the real work begins.

  • Garden SMART (#5409)

    Fall can be a beautiful time in our garden. But making it beautiful takes a little planning.

  • Garden SMART (#5410)

    A little work in our gardens in the Fall can reap huge rewards in the Spring.

  • Garden SMART (#5411)

    Containers, Containers, Containers. They can be useful in landscaping even a difficult area and make such a positive difference.

  • Garden SMART (#5412)

    Nothing says welcome like a beautiful front entrance.

  • Garden SMART (#5413)

    Many of us see a plant we like and buy it. But thinking ahead and selecting plants for color, texture and size can make a huge impact on our landscape.

  • Garden SMART (#5501)

    Nothing says springtime to gardeners more than daffodils.

  • Garden SMART (#5502)

    After a long, cold winter, early season color is a welcome change.

  • Garden SMART (#5503)

    GardenSMART visits a town that takes their name seriously.

  • Garden SMART (#5504)

    GardenSMART visits a conservatory located in the middle of New York City.

  • Garden SMART (#5505)

    GardenSMART visits an amazing garden that has color themes repeated throughout.

  • Garden SMART (#5506)

    Today we often take for granted the many conveniences of gardening.

  • Garden SMART (#5507)

    We don't often think about how we utilize space in our garden, but it's something we should, at least, consider.

  • Garden SMART (#5508)

    Garden tours offer us a look into different gardens, and along the way provide ideas we may incorporate into our own gardens.

  • Garden SMART (#5509)

    GardenSMART visits a very unique location that has utilized a lot of different gardening ideas.

  • Garden SMART (#5510)

    The rose is the queen of the garden. But with so many different varieties, new introductions and innovations, it's hard to keep up.

  • Garden SMART (#5511)

    Native plants are a hot topic. And when we visit an exotic location these plants are especially interesting.

  • Garden SMART (#5512)

    GardenSMART visits with a landscape designer who takes us behind the gates of several very interesting and beautiful gardens.

  • Garden SMART (#5513)

    Designing your garden can seem overwhelming. But if you narrow your focus and do some basic plant research, the job can be easier.

  • Garden SMART (#5601)

    GardenSMART visits two beautiful European cities and tours an amazing garden.

  • Garden SMART (#5602)

    A garden dating to the mid-sixteenth century holds many tips for gardeners today.

  • Garden SMART (#5603)

    An ancient castle with beautifully restored gardens provides a look into gardening in the 17th century.

  • Garden SMART (#5604)

    Windmills and gardening - not a combination you might typically consider.

  • Garden SMART (#5605)

    An historic 500 year old garden in the heart of Amsterdam has an amazing plant collection.

  • Garden SMART (#5606)

    GardenSMART visits one of the most iconic bulb gardens in the Netherlands, if not the world.

  • Garden SMART (#5607)

    Every wonder where florists get all those beautiful cut flowers? In this episode GardenSMART visits one of the largest demonstration gardens in the world, then travels to one of the world's largest floral auction houses.

  • Garden SMART (#5608)

    GardenSmart usually visits well-established gardens, but in this Episode we visit a garden that's undergoing a radical transformation.

  • Garden SMART (#5609)

    Fresh vegetables from the garden, what's not to like? Sometimes vegetable gardens can look drab.

  • Garden SMART (#5610)

    The studio garden of a world class garden designer provides some great garden tips.

  • Garden SMART (#5611)

    Placing the correct plant in the correct place is an art and science.

  • Garden SMART (#5612)

    The sound of moving water and the reflections from a pond can be beautiful as well as therapeutic.

  • Garden SMART (#5613)

    Gardening is a delicate blend of art and science. In this Episode GardenSMART visits the home of a well known portrait artist whose canvas of choice was nature.

  • Garden SMART (#5701)

    "Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower.

  • Garden SMART (#5702)

    Hedges can be an important part of our landscape. But planting, pruning and care are often overlooked.

  • Garden SMART (#5703)

    GardenSMART visits a stunning 80-acre botanical garden in the Willamette Valley in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Garden SMART (#5704)

    Have you wondered where many "trees" get their start? Or how a new tree makes it to market? We have, so thought it worthwhile to visit an industry leader that has introduced or co-introduced more than 50 patented or trademarked cultivars and is carefully growing more than 500 varieties of deciduous trees.

  • Garden SMART (#5705)

    GardenSMART visits a nursery that is widely known for its breeding programs, which have produced an impressive 800+ plant introductions.

  • Garden SMART (#5706)

    Although winter is upon us and it appears all activity in the garden has stopped, until it freezes there's a lot going on underneath the soil.

  • Garden SMART (#5707)

    Bringing life to inner cities with plants is a "hot" topic.

  • Garden SMART (#5708)

    One man's passion for unusual plants took him all over the world.

  • Garden SMART (#5709)

    Gardeners are always looking for plants that look good during the fall and winter, but that's not always easy.

  • Garden SMART (#5710)

    Turf is often the cornerstone of our landscape. But turf demands an understanding of the fundamentals of plant nutrition, irrigation and maintenance.

  • Garden SMART (#5711)

    GardenSMART visits one of the most unique cottage gardens in the country.

  • Garden SMART (#5712)

    GardenSMART visits one of the most incredible floral displays in the world.

  • Garden SMART (#5713)

    Keeping the site in mind as you develop your landscape or garden is a basic tenet of good design.

  • Garden SMART (#5801)

    The possibilities that exist for container gardening are virtually unlimited.

  • Garden SMART (#5802)

    After a cold winter, early season color is eagerly anticipated.

  • Garden SMART (#5803)

    GardenSMART visits a cutting edge tree nursery to learn how they propagate trees and bring improved cultivars to the marketplace.

  • Garden SMART (#5804)

    Conifers can transform your landscape. But with hundreds of different varieties it can be confusing choosing the right one.

  • Garden SMART (#5805)

  • Garden SMART (#5806)

  • Garden SMART (#5807)

  • Garden SMART (#5808)

  • Garden SMART (#5809)

    GardenSMART visits one of the largest private collections of conifers in the U.

  • Garden SMART (#5810)

    A garden doesn't need to be complete the very first day.

  • Garden SMART (#5811)

    As with so many things in life, preplanning is the key to success.

  • Garden SMART (#5812)

    What are some elements we might include in our garden? And how do we ensure those elements work well together.

  • Garden SMART (#5813)

    GardenSMART reviews a garden makeover from the beginning.

  • Garden SMART (#5901)

    Early season color is always a welcome change. A lot of history and a lot of evolution make the garden visited this week a special one.

  • Garden SMART (#5902)

    It's that time of year when we think about our lawn.

  • Garden SMART (#5903)

    Vegetables in containers. Beautiful and great yields.

  • Garden SMART (#5904)

    There are few things in life more gratifying than taking an active role in what we eat.

  • Garden SMART (#5905)

    There are 4 things that drive chronic disease. And food choice is one.

  • Garden SMART (#5906)

    A vegetable garden doesn't need to be large or unsightly.

  • Garden SMART (#5907)

    GardenSMART visits a memorable garden that immerses us in the Victorian experience.

  • Garden SMART (#5908)

    GardenSMART visits with an accomplished landscape designer who shares his ideas for a beautiful landscape, Since every space we garden in is different, the objectives for those spaces can differ, too.

  • Garden SMART (#5909)

    GardenSMART visits a garden 30 years in the making.

  • Garden SMART (#5910)

    Want to install a garden, or spruce up an older garden? Where might we start? Good questions.

  • Garden SMART (#5911)

    Designing a garden can seem like a daunting task. Where do we start? As with anything in life, we approach it in steps.

  • Garden SMART (#5912)

    An interesting garden doesn't consist of one big space, but different areas.

  • Garden SMART (#5913)

    GardenSMART visits with an expert gardener who provides planting tips.

  • Garden SMART (#6001)

    Working with majestic miniatures provides a unique opportunity for gardeners to go beyond the taming of nature to seek the greatest potential with some very interesting plants.

  • Garden SMART (#6002)

    GardenSMART visits a stunning revival home and gardens dating back to the early 1900's.

  • Garden SMART (#6003)

    GardenSMART thinks it smart to remember our nation's history, and one way to do that is through plants.

  • Garden SMART (#6004)

    Is your garden older and established, or a brand new one? Either way it's important to consider the site.

  • Garden SMART (#6005)

    Botanical gardens are great places to visit to learn about plants.

  • Garden SMART (#6006)

    GardenSMART visits with an excellent gardener who likes growing and working with native plants.

  • Garden SMART (#6007)

    Have you ever thought your city or town could use some sprucing up? GardenSMART visits with an accomplished urban thinker and designer who has interesting plans and ideas for future cities.

  • Garden SMART (#6008)

    GardenSMART visits two gardens that provide valuable design lessons.

  • Garden SMART (#6009)

    Garden plants may change somewhat over the years but gardening ideas and principles, for the most part, stay the same.

  • Garden SMART (#6010)

    GardenSMART visits with the landscape architect that transformed Atlanta.

  • Garden SMART (#6011)

    GardenSMART visits with two quirky gardeners and both, surprise, surprise, have quirky gardens.

  • Garden SMART (#6012)

    Revamping your yard can be an enjoyable experience and it doesn't need to cost a fortune.

  • Garden SMART (#6013)

    Gardening provides an excellent opportunity for children to learn many different educational disciplines.

  • Garden SMART (#6101)

    Rare and unusual plants make a garden exciting. When they also grow well in shade, they are true finds.

  • Garden SMART (#6102)

    A desert garden can be a treasure trove of interesting plants.

  • Garden SMART (#6103)

  • Garden SMART (#6104)

  • Garden SMART (#6105)

  • Garden SMART (#6106)

  • Garden SMART (#6107)

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