field trip with curtis stone

Wed, Dec 22 7:00 P.M. NH CREATE      

Curtis heads to his hometown of Melbourne with his brother Luke to visit old friends and taste new culinary creations. Their first stop is to Kate Reid of Lune Bakery who has taken croissant making to a whole new level. Later, Curtis heads to the Attica kitchen with Chef Ben Shewry to cook with indigenous Australian ingredients, like kangaroo. Curtis and Luke visit one of Maude's producers of exquisite olive oil and then jet to Blackmore Farms to barbecue on the open range with authentic, Wagyu beef. But Curtis can't return to LA without visiting with some of his buddies who are throwing a traditional Greek barbecue with octopus, lamb, and dancing.

Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 42 seconds

Episode Number: 205

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Wed, Dec 22 7:00 P.M. Victoria     NH CREATE
Thu, Dec 23 1:00 A.M. Victoria     NH CREATE

About Field Trip with Curtis Stone:

In FIELD TRIP WITH CURTIS STONE, chef Curtis Stone embarks on a global culinary journey to explore the spirit and passion of the destinations which inform the menu at Maude, his Michelin-starred restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Curtis and friends travel to Australia, Italy, Spain and California, hunting pheasants, herding cattle and diving for pearls as they track the delicacies Curtis serves in his restaurant to their source.

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