family ingredients
Tahiti - Poisson Cru

Modern seafarers proved that Polynesians navigated their world in canoes, following the stars. Meet a crew member on a worldwide voyage with a stop at his ancestral home - a family moment to remember and a dish never to forget.

Episode Duration: 26 minutes and 21 seconds

Episode Number: 103

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Sun, Oct 31 11:30 A.M. Philippines - Adobo     NHPBS
Sun, Nov 7 11:30 A.M. Wisconsin - Fiddlehead Fern     NHPBS
Sun, Nov 14 11:30 A.M. Vietnam, Ho Chi MiNH City - Pho     NHPBS
Sun, Nov 21 11:30 A.M. Vietnam, Hanoi - Pho     NHPBS

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