Perfectly Normal for Me
america reframed

Alexandria, Jake, Caitlin and Veronica, ages 5 to 15, reveal what it's like to live with physical disabilities. Their parents search out opportunities where they are accepted and feel valued, such as an after-school dance program in Queens, New York. With the help of a loving community, including dedicated teenage volunteers, the students prepare for a spring recital. Throughout all, they become eloquent advocates for the powers of inclusion, respect and empathy.

Episode Duration: 58 minutes and 55 seconds

Episode Number: 713

About America ReFramed:

America ReFramed showcases films that will give viewers a "snapshot" of the transforming American life; the guts, the grit and the glamor of a new and changing America.

From contemporary life on Native reservations to stories of recovery on the Gulf, from hardships and revitalization in towns big and small to stories from city streets across the country, these independent, personal and opinionated films document the times in which we live.

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