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OVERHEARD WITH EVAN SMITH brings you in-depth interviews with today's most fascinating public figures. You'll meet politicians, authors, artists, actors, journalists, business people - anyone who's at the center of things. Join us for smart interviews with the country's most interesting people, always with an eye toward the news and always with a sense of humor.

Mon, Aug 10 6:30 A.M. Bari Weiss, New York Times Writer     NH WORLD

New York Times op-ed writer Bari Weiss discusses her book, "How to Fight Anti-Semitism.

Mon, Aug 17 6:30 A.M. Rick Wilson, Republican Strategist     NH WORLD

Republican strategist Rick Wilson discusses his latest book "Running Against the Devil.

Mon, Aug 24 6:30 A.M. Jeff Tweedy, Musician     NH WORLD

Grammy Award-winning rocker Jeff Tweedy talks about his career and latest album.

Mon, Aug 31 6:30 A.M. Tilman Fertitta, Businessman     NH WORLD

Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta discusses his book "Shut Up and Listen!

Mon, Sep 7 6:30 A.M. Overheard with Evan Smith     NH WORLD

Mon, Sep 14 6:30 A.M. Overheard with Evan Smith     NH WORLD

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