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LUCKY CHOW travels across the United States to explore Asian cuisine's impact on American food culture. The un-hosted six-part series explores a wide variety of Asian food and drink - from a famous Japanese noodle dish to Korean kimchi to Chinese fusion - while meeting the new generation of chefs and entrepreneurs dedicated to keeping the traditions alive.

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  • Ramen Mania (#101)

    Ivan Orkin, the renegade New Yorker-turned-Japanese-ramen-chef, discusses ramen culture in New York versus Tokyo.

  • Koreatown U.S.A (#102)

    This episode visits New York and Los Angeles - home to the two largest Korean populations in the United States - to explore what distinguishes each.

  • Northern Thai Cuisine (#103)

    Andy Ricker, a carpenter-turned-chef from Portland, Oreg.

  • Filipino Entrepreneurs (#104)

    Filipinos comprise the second-largest Asian-American population nationwide, yet their cuisine is relatively unknown.

  • Bay Area's Pacific Rim Cuisine (#105)

    This episode introduces Olivia Wu, designer of the original Asian restaurant concepts on Google's "campus.

  • Chinatown, Reimagined (#106)

    Track the evolution of Chinese food in America through the lens of two third-generation Chinese-American restaurateurs.

  • Trending Japanese (#201)

    Japan has mesmerized American foodies for generations and a new wave of Japanese culinary culture continues to intoxicate us.

  • Asian Farm to Table (#202)

    Farmers are the new rock stars of the food world, and in this episode Danielle visits agriculturists large and small, traditional and cutting edge.

  • Food of the Gods (#203)

    The relationship between faith and food is evident at three Asian houses of worship: an imposing Buddhist temple where Danielle is served an artful vegetarian feast; a Sikh temple where she helps cook Indian flatbread for a communal meal where all are welcome; and a Queens mosque's annual food fair, where she samples Indonesian dishes and learns about life as a Muslim in America.

  • Made In China (#204)

    The rise of China has meant the rise of Chinese culinary traditions in America.

  • The New Indian (#205)

    A new generation of chefs and entrepreneurs is finally bringing the amazing cooking of the world's second-largest country to a broad American audience.

  • Taiwan's True Flavors (#206)

    Danielle gets back to her roots in an episode devoted to the distinctive, rustic cuisine of Taiwan.

  • Asian Food, American Dreams (#207)

    Asian cuisine is increasingly the engine driving the growth of the American food industry.

  • Food As Cultural Collision (#301)

    This episode explores how cultures collide when trends meet traditions.

  • Food As Art (#302)

    Today, what we watch can be just as appetizing as what we eat.

  • Food As Global Locavore (#303)

    It isn't just recipes that get imported and exported between the East and West, but also food practices.

  • Food As Wellness (#304)

    As bone broth and kombucha line the shelves of your local grocery store, we take a closer look at "food as medicine".

  • Food As Azn (#305)

    The next generation of Asian Americans are redefining what it means to be Asian in the U.

  • Food As Beauty (#306)

    Asian beauty secrets have long held fascination with Western audiences.

  • Generasians (#401)

    A fourth-generation Japanese-American farm (Chino Farms).

  • Healing (#402)

    There is an ancient Ayurvedic proverb that says, "When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.

  • Innovators (#403)

    Culinary creativity isn't always found in the kitchen.

  • Hybrids (#404)

    Through the eyes of four chefs, we explore the vast Asian diaspora and prove that if we are what we eat, we're all a little bit Asian.

  • Curators (#405)

    The celebration of Asian-American identity and history is taking shape in exciting new ways.

  • Comfort (#406)

    Comfort food is nostalgic, hearty, soothing, and has never been more indispensable.

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