Jacques Pepin: Heart & Soul

JACQUES PEPIN: HEART & SOUL is not just another series showcasing Jacques, his delicious recipes or his amazing technique. This is his last full series which will be his most personal yet featuring never-before-seen footage of his life. HEART & SOUL will highlight Pepin's 60 years in the kitchen which includes his apprenticeship as a 13-year-old cooking in some of Paris' most revered establishments such as Meurice and Plaza Athenee and cooking for French President Charles DeGaulle. It will also touch upon a key period in Pepin's life when he crossed the Atlantic and entered the kitchens of New York at Le Pavillon and his 10 years as director of research at Howard Johnson's. The 26-episode series is a reflection of Jacques' history and will reveal a more personal side of the internationally renowned chef as we've never seen before. Fans and cooking aficionados alike will be given an intimate access to his life from playing boules at home, visiting the market, and sailing the seas to gathering clams, tucking into lobster rolls at his favorite shack as well as sharing memories, anecdotes and insights into his philosophy of life. Each episode will feature creative recipes that combine Pepin's culinary history and travel experiences with his expert teaching skills. Simple dishes for the novice and more involved creations for the seasoned cook will be shown and frugal tips will be offered. Occasionally family or guests are invited to cook alongside Jacques or join him in the dining room. Chefs from across the nation will, too, make a contribution, either from their own kitchen, through archival footage or on-camera acknowledgement of Jacques' tutelage and influence.

Jacques Pepin: Heart & Soul By Episode

  • Fete Des Boules (#101)

    Jacques and his best friend Jean-Claude work up an appetite in the summer sun playing the traditional French game of boules.

  • All in the Family (#102)

    Making memories with family is at the heart of Jacques' kitchen, and daughter Claudine joins him at the stove to cook the classic recipes from his mother's restaurant.

  • Toast to Julia (#103)

    Jacques raises a glass - and a fork!

  • Cooking from Le Pelican (#104)

    Jacques, alongside his daughter Claudine, recreates his mother's restaurant recipes from Le Pelican, in Lyon, France.

  • Chef In Training (#105)

    A basket of fresh bread is a staple on Jacques' dining table, so he begins the show with an easy fast fougasse.

  • Autumn Leaves (#106)

    It's easy to fall in love with Jacques' seasonal menu, starting with a fresh, smooth tomato velvet soup - the name speaks for itself!

  • La Cocina Ole (#107)

    Annual trips to Mexico and visits with fellow chef Rick Bayless are the inspiration for Jacques' tasty garlic and pasilla soup.

  • Cooking for the President (#108)

    Jacques' illustrious cooking career includes time in the Elysee Palace cooking for the French President.

  • Taste Bud Temptations (#109)

    Classic French cuisine didn't include raw fish when Jacques was growing up, but now both he and his wife Gloria indulge their appreciation for the natural delicacy with his first recipe of tuna tartare with bagel chips and radishes.

  • Global Gastronomy (#110)

    Jacques brings together culinary treasures from exotic cuisines around the world.

  • Offal Good (#111)

    In Jacques' kitchen, nothing goes to waste!

  • Catch O' The Day (#112)

    Jacques' summer itinerary always includes friends, fishing, and cooking the wonderful bounty from the sea.

  • Julia Remembered (#113)

    Jacques takes a stroll down memory lane as he lovingly prepares dishes once enjoyed with his dear cooking companion Julia Child.

  • Gloria's Favorites (#114)

    Jacques dedicates today's dishes to his wife Gloria and their many years spent together in the kitchen.

  • Shorey's Petite Appetite (#115)

    Shorey, Jacques' granddaughter, joins him in the kitchen, bringing her petite yet progressive palate in tow!

  • Cuisine De Ma Cherie (#116)

    In honor of their love, Jacques prepares a meal of his wife Gloria's favorites.

  • Sweet Endings with Shorey (#117)

    Jacques' granddaughter Shorey is back in the kitchen and she's all grown up but she's never too old for dessert!

  • Viva Mexico! (#118)

    Jacques spends some of the winter months at his home-away-from-home, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

  • Kitchen Companions (#119)

    There's never a dull moment when Jean-Claude joins Jacques in the kitchen!

  • Ocean Harvest (#120)

    Seaside living has, without a doubt, influenced Jacques' repertoire of recipes to include the freshest fish caught close to his own backyard.

  • Cooking Clever (#121)

    Budget-friendly dishes made with inexpensive ingredients are packed full of flavor when Jacques steps in.

  • Heirloom Favorites (#122)

    Jacques cooks down memory lane, sharing anecdotes from his childhood along the way.

  • Just Ducky! (#123)

    It's a family reunion as Jacques' daughter Claudine lends a helping hand in the kitchen.

  • Cuisine Economique (#124)

    Jacques demonstrates how home cooking using quality ingredients doesn't have to break the bank!

  • Wonders of the Sea (#125)

    Arriving in New York with a repertoire of French recipes and techniques, Jacques joined the team at Howard Johnson to learn about American food.

  • Menu Memories (#126)

    Jacques and daughter Claudine reminiscence about past menus enjoyed as a family, but first, Jacques teaches Claudine how to properly sharpen a knife in preparation for filleting a side of salmon for his salmon scaloppini with sorrel sauce.

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