Great American Read

Fri, Jul 3 2:00 P.M. Heroes     NH WORLD

Fri, Jul 10 2:00 P.M. Villains & Monsters     NH WORLD

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Great American Read By Episode

  • Launch (#101)

    Examine the power, passion and joy of reading through the lens of America's 100 best-loved books chosen by the public.

  • Fall Kick-off (#102)

    Join host Meredith Vieira in the search for America's best-loved novel.

  • Who Am I? (#103)

    Explore the ways that America's best-loved novels answer the age-old question, "Who am I?" From life lessons to spiritual journeys, these books help us understand our own identities and find our place in the world.

  • Heroes (#104)

  • Heroes (#104)

    Follow the trials and tribulations of some of literature's favorite protagonists.

  • Villains & Monsters (#105)

  • Villains & Monsters (#105)

    Learn why literature's most notorious villains began behaving badly.

  • What We Do for Love (#106)

    Fall in love with some of literature's most beautiful romances and explore the many forms of love, from family to passion to the unrequited type.

  • Other Worlds (#107)

    Take a magical journey to another world through some of America's best-loved novels.

  • Grand Finale (#108)

    And the winner is... after millions of votes, find out which of the 100 nominated books is crowned America's best-loved novel.

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