Dishing with Julia Child

In 1963, Julia Child and "The French Chef" began teaching the nation how to cook well, eat well and drink well. Join some of today's top chefs as they share insightful, funny and personal thoughts about the first lady of cooking. Bon appetit!

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Dishing with Julia Child By Episode

  • The Whole Fish Story (#101)

    Jose Andres and Eric Ripert are amazed by Julia Child's hands-on treatment of a whole fish, how much information she conveys in the show and her ability to work without any retakes.

  • The Good Loaf (#102)

    Vivian Howard, Marcus Samuelsson, Carla Hall and Sara Moulton follow Julia Child's breadmaking recipes for classic pain de mie and a raisin bread, highlighting her role in reorienting people's perception of food.

  • Your Own French Onion Soup (#103)

    Rick Bayless marvels over Julia Child's knife skills and what great training technique she provided, while Jose Andres and Eric Ripert wonder how many tips are in her 200 episodes of "The French Chef.

  • Boeuf Bourguignon (#104)

    Sara Moulton, Carla Hall, Jose Andres and Eric Ripert discuss how comfortable and magnetic Julia Child was in her first episode.

  • The Potato Show (#105)

    Rick Bayless comments on Julia Child's performance preparing potatoes.

  • To Roast A Chicken (#106)

    Vivian Howard and Marcus Samuelsson enjoy Julia Child's presentation of chickens.

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