Changing Seas

CHANGING SEAS takes viewers on an exciting adventure to the heart of our liquid planet. The documentary series offers an unprecedented look at how oceanographers and experts study earth's vast underwater wilderness, while shedding light on how over-fishing, global climate change and pollution threaten ocean resources.

Changing Seas By Episode

  • Dolphins: Breaking The Code (#1001)

    Dr. Denise L. Herzing has dedicated her career to studying a community of free-ranging Atlantic spotted dolphins that live in the shallow, crystal clear waters of the Bahamas Through non-invasive, in-water observation; she researches the animals' social structure, behaviors and communication.

  • Cryptic Critters (#1002)

    Deep underwater, on a shipwreck near Key West, lives a tiny potential new threat.

  • Lords of the Wetlands (#1003)

    While American crocodiles are recovering in parts of their range, their future looks bleak in Jamaica.

  • Fishing The Flats for Science (#1004)

    Flats fishing is popular with recreational anglers in the Caribbean and the Florida Keys.

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